Raagnagrok – Man, Woman, Death, Birth, Infinity


It was 32 years before we were able to finally despatch an exploratory craft out towards the East. The rains had been slowly decreasing. We were unsure what we might discover and how we might be received by other communities if in fact there were any.

Years of a diet consisting of fish and seaweed had distorted many of our once human features. The evolution had not taken long. The expedition finally returned with no good news. ‘Cameron’s Folly’, as our new history texts were calling it, had left the land mostly submerged. ‘The Cloud Burst’ experiment did not reverse the adverse conditions, it exacerbated them.

After months of wandering the lakes and marshes of the Eurosea in their solar coracles, our adventurers came across a partly submerged ‘Tower Block’ that, unlike others, had somehow evaded destruction. The team was able to rescue some now partly damaged data files.

Our ‘Lunartecs’ were able to deconstruct some of the files only to discover that this particular structure had once belonged to a commune of ‘Koscmich Pychonauts’. They had constructed a hidden temple to conduct ‘Apocalyptic rituals’ aimed at a receptor on Raag 58, a seemingly minor planet situated at the tail of the Milky Way.

All ritual, it seemed, had to be conducted listening to the ‘Cosmic Invasion Frequency’, whatever that was! Eventually, our techs discovered an odd Mandala icon secretly resting between sound files. The question was asked.

“Do we attempt to open the link?”

The Commisars conferred and the choice made. We gathered around the makeshift audiovisual suite and pressed the button. The mandala faded to reveal two words: ‘Elephanta Gateway’. The last thing I noticed, as a wave of white noise, an eletronic drone and a sitar enveloped my mind, was that outside it had started to rain.

Raagnagrok. Man, Woman, Death, Birth, Infinity. Electronic meditations and drones  for space cowboys, cosmonauts and esoteric explorers. A truly spaced out trip.

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