Radio Chaneque – Eccles cakes for the soul

There’s a veritable cornucopia of ace bands in Manchester and we picked a few top of the crop ones to bring you this lil’ mix for your Thursday. There’s garage, there’s prog nouveau, there’s strange electronica and there’s something about witnessing the end of the world in a low lit bar near Salford.

There might be some glaring omissions (by all means, Pins should be here), some might argue a few of these bands are not “proper Mancunian” (whatever the fuck that is) and I suspect there’ll be a couple of complaints and one star reviews of this. It matters not, we are not saying these are the best bands in lovely ol’ Manchester, we just like them a lot. And that’s the whole neta.

While you listen to this podcast, would you like to leave us a comment saying which song defines Manchester to you? I somehow always think of Doves’ ‘Black and White town’ every time I set foot in the city…


Trojan Horse  FacebookTwitterBandcampTumblrMyspace.

Bad Grammar Soundcloud. Facebook. Twitter.

LVLS Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Twitter. Facebook.

Tribal Fighters Website. Twitter. Bandcamp. Facebook.

Milk Maid BlogspotMyspaceFacebookTwitterSoundcloud.

Brown Brogues Facebook. Big Cartel. Twitter.

Cleft Website. Bandcamp. Twitter. Facebook.

Cyril Snear Website. Facebook. Bandcamp. Twitter. Soundcloud.

Alpha Male Tea Party Facebook. Bandcamp. Twitter. Website.

The Narrows BandcampFacebookTwitter.

Borland Bandcamp. Myspace.

Last Harbour WebsiteSoundcloudMyspaceLast.fmFacebookSpotifyTwitter.

Dead Sea Apes BlogFacebookBandcampLast.fmTwitterMyspace.

Black Market  Serotonin Myspace. Website. Facebook. Twitter.

Amplifier Website. Facebook. Twitter.

Hartheim Soundcloud.




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