Review: Warpaint – Warpaint (S/T)

Firstly, why have I not listened to Warpaint before? The selftitled album Warpaint is the follow up to their debut, The Fool released in 2010. It’s been banded around that this release doesn’t quite match that of The Fool but after listening to both, I’m defiantly taken by the new release…even to the extend of saying that Warpaint exceeds that of The Fool!
The album is a reflection of progression, the first few tracks all melt into one another, moving throughout the album as it develops in sounds and uses of instruments and samples.
Third track, ‘Love is to die’ – I like the key change at the chorus as it starts off with a melancholic introduction following on from the previous two tracks. The key change gives the track a new direction putting the listener in some sort of a daze as the track glazes over the ears. The vocalists’ voice jumps out more than anything, which is a running theme throughout the whole album, not unlike that of their debut.
The looped sampling beat behind the vocals and bass on the fourth track, ‘Hi’ sends the album into another direction too. The beat meshes well with the vocals through giving it an edge which I for one, adore. It’s incredibly light yet full of colour allowing the mind to run freely. Yet again, I think that could possibly be another theme which runs through this album. It’s intricate, precise…but conveys it effortlessly.
‘CC’ the tenth track off of the album excites me with the use of echoed vocals which creates a subtle but definite bite to the album. I like how this track flows and sways. It’s a clever track, and something which I’ve listened to many times over as the vocals soothe but attack.
This album is incredibly spacey. However, it’s grounded also. The noise created is soothing with an almost psychedelic undertone creating this ‘spacey’ effect. But it’s not thrown away, like paint spattered on a canvas, each track has various links and each link has been thought about with precision. Warpaint, definitely a great album to start off the year.
Words: Catriona Chadderton

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