Radio Chaneque – 31 songs from Sheffield

Well, it’s time to call it a day and get outta Dodgefield (Sheffield!) so here’s a mix of 31 songs that will remind me of the town while I’m out. There’s glaring omissions, there’s demos, there’s no clear genre preference (I think) and there’s a lot of cursing during the last ten  minutes, where you can find out why I don’t really speak much during these podcasts any more.

Thanks to all bands for their music and hopefully you’ll find a new band (or bands) you like from this. Some are now sadly gone, some are just breaking out of the shell, some are simply great.

Enjoy and gracias. See you in the year 2050, when we all reincarnate as cats(for peru).

Roll call:

Adi Carter
Oxo Foxo
Smokers Die Younger
 The Legend Of The Seven Black Tentacles
Blood Sport
 Cobra Fist
 Mega Aquarians
 Great Deeds
The Death Rays of Ardilla
 Lenders In The Temple
Pistola Kicks
The Payroll Union
The Clench
Low Duo
The Unfortunate Incident
 Nat Johnson And The Figureheads
 Cats For Peru
The Monicans
The Hope Explosion
 The Hot Soles
Hey Sholay
 Dead Sons
Wet Nuns
Mudcats Blues Trio

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