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So, a few months ago, Dating Myself released a cassette that might or might have not been recorded in the 90s. We reviewed it in short story form, based on an event that might or might have not happened.

The only certainties are: they released a lovely, grunge-perfect audio cassette and we managed to squeeze an interview out of them. So be thankful for that, because a good dose of 90s music is what sometimes you really need.

Hello, Dating Myself? How are you? How’s Dr. Vig’s time travelling machine?

J6en: It makes me thirsty for Pepsi Clear!

Jessi*: Well I’m good, happy to be alive after all this sci-fi weirdness. Gladys is also fine, a few new scratches from other dimensions, but nothing more than that.

Laurda: Oh Gladys is fine. She is our tour van/time machine. Double duty.

We quite loved Fine, There. Tell us a bit about the making of the album.

J6en: There was a nice man with a dog. I set up my drums then Laurda and Jessi* yelled at me for eating with my mouth open and then falling asleep on the toilet.

Jessi*: It was the best album we ever wrote and the best science experiment we ever took part in, not to mention a bloody miracle that it all even happened in the first place. If my chickens Lester and Mable could have come for the trip it would have been too perfect.

Laurda: Well, since we didn’t have much money, we begged, borrowed and stole as much as we could for this album. When we left 1996 we totally didn’t think about inflation and that set us back. We recorded all the beds with Rick Welin in 5 hours in one afternoon and then did a shitload of overdubs at a homestudio for a couple weeks. Then we handed it off to Shawn Penner of District 4 Studios. He loves the 90s so he dialed in exactly what we wanted. Before we knew it, we had a hit record on our hands. We just had to sell a few cassettes to fill up the van and head back to 1996 with it.

Photo: Dating Myself Facebook Page.

Why tape and not cd? Gnarly red tapes, though.

J6en: Because all of our friends are poor and poor people don’t have cd players.

Jessi*: Someone from the future told us that tapes were going to make a come-back. We’re not allowed to expose her name, but it rhymes with Fadonna.

Laurda: Cause the van time machine only has a tape deck. And also, I find CD’s skip too much while driving around. With tapes, you can throw them around and step on them without wrecking it. They can be tough bitches, like us.

What in tarnation is a Flirty McFliterson?

J6en: A flavour of pudding.

Jessi*: Laurda coined this term, but we all know one.

Laurda: Haven’t you ever dated someone who flirts with everyone, and in front of you? That is a Flirty McFlirterson. Also acceptable, Fucky Fuckerson.

Photo: Dating Myself Facebook Page.

Any particular song you love to play live? I’m partial to ‘May I take your disorder’.

J6en: That one about the pudding.

Jessi*: That’s a really fun one to play, but something about ‘Captain Chunk’ wins for me…I get to play my 8 string, there’s an epic bridge…and one time we had this hot babe from the future, Luvia Petersen, come on stage and play this song live with us. I think someone put it on that video web thing if you want to see.

Laurda: Personally, I like playing ‘Tiny Little Man’. It’s balls to the wall loud and I get to spew out my hatred towards sexist pigs.

Since you traveled back in time, did you manage to catch Queazy live?

J6en: Yes! 2 Laurda‘s is better than 1 Laurda!

Jessi*: I even saw Laurda wear a dress with that band, crazy times.

Laurda: We played with them a few times.

Photo: Dating Myself Facebook Page.

Any plans for follow ups? I’m sure you can find cheaper ways to travel through time and cling to the 90s spirit as well as you did on Fine, There!

J6en: I am currently accepting donations if you are offering

Jessi*: You never know what could happen with science…and music..and music and science…

Laurda: The only plans we have are to make a music video.

Let’s say you can bring anything from the 90s back to our times, in a pure, unadulterated form. What would that be? This can be a drink, a piece of clothing, you name it.

J6en: My hyper-colour stretch pants

Jessi*: I’d bring back J6en‘s jelly shoes, not because there should be jelly shoes in the future, but just so the world could see how wonderful she looks in them.

Laurda: Actually, I did that. I brought back my favourite toque and some fucker stole it in 2012.

Photo: Dating Myself Facebook Page.

Your influences have a veritable “who’s who” of alt rock. If you could do a duet with any band that isn’t from the Big 4 of Grunge (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Soundgarden), which one would it be?

J6en: Aunt Becky from Full House!

Jessi*: I would have to pick Kim Gordon, hands down..solo or with Sonic Youth,  but I’d also love to collaborate with Justine Frischmann. I’m really surprised Elastica didn’t go further, their debut album was fucking solid.

Laurda: Actually, we had the chance to be involved with Temple of the Dog and Hunger Strike but we were on tour.

The greatest Veruca Salt track is…

J6en: ‘Number one Blind’ or ‘Victrola’.

Jessi*: Well when we were in 2012 I had a chance to listen to what Veruca Salt put out after we left in ’96, and holy shit, Eight Arms to Hold You was a great album! I became obsessed with that record when we were here, and maybe it’s typical, but ‘Shutterbug’ is my new favourite song. From American Thighs, I would have to say that ‘All Hail Me’ tops the cake.

Laurda: ‘Get Back’.

Thank you, you mighty women, amazing record and lovely interview!


Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Dating Myself Bandcamp. Facebook. Tumblr.

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