Joan of Arc – Testimonium Songs


Chicago‘s indie math emo rockers Joan of Arc have just released a new album and for any Kinsella fan this is a very important time as what does albums mean? TOURS! After that exciting revelation, let’s get onto the release itself. Titled Testimonial Songs, my mouth began watering when I managed to get my grubby hands on it. Joan of Arc have always been critiqued by us pesky reviewers for having such an “electronic output”, quite frankly, I don’t understand why there has been such controversy…

First track titled ‘Amelia’ is stunning, the verses are like hot butter melting on freshly baked bread, raw but not stupidly raw, clean but not squeaky. I think that’s the what I get from the whole album which tickles my fancy even more. You can hear the changing of chords, I like that, this is a real band. I often wonder why I like this sort if music and I know why now.

Second track ‘I’d Expect Babies Should Fly, If Not At Least Float Away’ I like the sinister feel to this track, it’s dark but not black. Plus the use of different time signatures compliments the use of guitar effects creating something a bit quirky and surreal, just like the track title I guess. The riffs are also exciting, and lets not forget the bass, core, it ripples through my body turning over and eating into the skin. Bass riffs usually excite me, you’ll have to get used to that. Effortlessly with spoken word “his thumb is split” third track ‘Mosaic of Bolts’ begins, already I’m on a journey. Lyrically I’m impressed, vocally I’m impressed too, the rugged sounds compliment well with the choppy guitar tones. Ahh.

That’s enough of going through each track as it would ruin it, the final 3 tracks are to be listened to with an open mind, ideas played, ideas performed, ideas recorded. Brilliant.

Words: Cat Keller.

Joan of Arc Website. Facebook. Twitter.

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