Singles Review: Chikita Violenta, Dandy Overdose, The Polar Dream, Psychic Twin, Dinosaurs are shit dragons, Speedy Ortiz

Greetings, readers eating tacos  (via Street Food Chef)!  Welcome to another edition of our “reviewing releases late again” single reviews column.

This week’s singles come courtesy of a bad yoghurt I had with my kebab. Chicken and prune yoghurt DO NOT MIX.

Ah, singles, right:

Chikita Violenta- Colapsomania

Ah, Chikita Violenta, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you. Welcome back! ‘Colapsomania’ is the fresh track that these good ol’ boys offer, with musical swaths creating a very nice path effect in your ear canals. Clear up the place, make it look nice and invite them over, as this is such a tease from their upcoming stuff that I can’t hardly wait. – Sam J. “Bald Cookie Monster” Valdés López.

Dandy Overdose – Micromal

These funky cuates called Dandy Overdose are back with a brand new floor spanking ditty called ‘Micromal’. A decisive step forward in their musical career, there is a haunting sense of longing in this track, with emotions taking a rest in the sparse but welcomed breaks of the beat. Album soon, chaps? – Orestes P. “I don’t like the Rolling Stones” Xistos.

The Polar Dream – Caballos

A very optimistic and enjoyable slice of post rock by this band from Guadalajara, México. The Polar Dream‘s ‘Caballos’ is the first single from Kiev, their new album, and the mood is peppy, with a galloping drum work that changes pace whenever it feels like stopping by to gaze into the green yonder. Sure, there’s that build up that’s almost become the trope of Post Rockers, but it’s utterly gorgeous. Good choice for a first single. Now gimme more. – Orestes P. “I like tea” Xistos.

Psychic Twin – Unlock yr heart

Listen to this track @ Pitchfork.

Something tells me that Erin Fein is a time traveller. Not only is her knowledge of 80s stuff is more than impressive, she also has some well preserved vintage toys and an encyclopedic knowledge of great films (anyone liking Flight of the Navigator is a a legend in my book). The whole Psychic Twin project has been creating some waves with its dark synth pop, with 4 toes well embedded in that decade that is 30 years ago (gulp!) and 6 toes in this one, where there’s enough technology to recreate and expand on old sounds. ‘Unlock yr heart’ works as both a reaffirmation and a desperate plea to an unknown, unseen significant other, with the mantra-like nature of the lyrics accentuating this. Album. Please? Sam J. “I’ve run out of Airheads” Valdés López.

Dinosaurs are shit dragons – Are you having a laugh? Ride a Giraffe.

A giraffe, a horse and a cat (that might or might not be a wanker). These are all the elements of this story, a sort of Hatfields vs. McCoys situation that Blackpool has suffered for more than 30 years. Dinosaurs are shit dragons make a social statement about this tense rivalry that has claimed many a musician’s life. Well placed screams, a mad pace and a rib-cracking video (I like physical humour – sue me) are all part of ‘Are you having a laugh? Ride a Giraffe.’ – Sam J. “Not the real one” Valdés López.

Speedy Ortiz – Plough

Well, well, well, if it isn’t one of the loveliest bands we heard last year (which we also placed on our Best of 2012 compilation – WE ARE ON THE MONEYYYZZZ). So, Speedy Ortiz, third single, ‘Plough’. Starting with a some squealy guitar noises and a veritable 90s sound (more Helium/Mary Timony than anything else), Speedy Ortiz then go for a full steam victory lap. Crank it up for this band, because we are sure they will catapult quite well with this brand of rock. ¡Salve Ortiz! – Orestes P. “I stubbed my toe” Xistos.


Chikita Violenta Website. Twitter. Facebook. Spotify. Myspace. Daytrotter session

Dandy Overdose Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud.

The Polar Dream Twitter. Facebook. Bandcamp. Myspace.

Speedy Ortiz Facebook. Bandcamp. Twitter. Livejounal.

Psychic Twin FacebookBandcamp. Twitter.

Dinosaurs are shit dragons BandcampFacebookReverbnationLast.fmTwitter.

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