These Monsters – Heroic Dose

Yeah, well I’m going to pull the “I was there” card here. In fact, I was there more than once but on this particular occasion the Monsters were purveying an earlier incarnation of fairly post rock jazz fusion with a hint of metal blistering ears and minds with vintage top notch gear. This particular venue was full of scenesters and a smattering of “those in the know” and a few “I’ve heard they are quite good” types.

Five minutes in, the scenesters had vanished, those in the know were smiling smugly while the others were trying to scrape their jaws up from the floor. These Monsters were doing some amazing stuff back then.

The next thing you know they have re-incarnated. In the form of Heroic Dose.

‘Call Me Dragon’ broke free from anything that the Monsters had previously played around with. Harder , louder and dirtier with some “vocals”.

Now comes ‘Heroic Dose’. The gently strummed 12 string and three part harmonies, this is lovely………Oh no – wrong album!!!

And the U-Turn is complete.

Loud and Louder, terrifying and blistering the sludge punk batters you into submission. Jagged, twisted full of primal riffs and raging vocals your mind and ears are assaulted and there is no escape. Gritty, raw and tongue in cheek, Heroic Dose is tight and frantic in equal parts. We all knew this train was coming but this one wont stop for anything!

Your head will bang. Mine did.

Damn them. 10/10 for not sitting on their backsides and doing it.

Words: Keefy How

These Monsters Website. Facebook. Twitter. Bandcamp.

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