A libation for Brew Records

It’s a darn shame to see stuff like this happen, but it’s the way life throws curveballs. Leeds based Brew Records are calling it a day after 6 years pulsating loud sounds and 27 releases. Another victim of the 27 club?

I personally enjoyed the releases that Brew was creating; amidst an ocean of twee and indie (nothing wrong with both genres – but we need variety), Brew were releasing the awesome louder stuff no one would touch with a ten inch pole. Castrovalva, Humanfly, Hawk Eyes, Black Listers, Nine Black Alps, Holy State, Kong, so many… All tremendous bands, both on recording and on their live, free range form.

Their final words:

‘We’ve had the pleasure of releasing some incredible records over the years and have been fortunate to work with so many amazing people. We’d like to thank everyone that has ever supported us, bought a record or a t-shirt and spread our music in general. Humanfly’s ‘Awesome Science’ is our final release and we couldn’t think of a better record to go out on which sums up what we love about physical records both musically and aesthetically. The label will still remain active for a while as we wind things down and continue to take and fulfil orders.
To celebrate/commiserate we are currently running a big sale on our store where every CD/vinyl/shirt/poster (except the new Humanfly album) is now reduced in price. For the next 2 weeks all our releases are set to ‘pay what you like’ on bandcamp too (except the new Humanfly album) so feel free to explore our back catalog and if you feel like paying some money we won’t complain’.
Brew were the first label that approached Sloucher.org, back in September 2010, and for that I was always grateful. I’ve only met one of the head honchos (Si Glacken – top chap) and was a rather pleasant fellow.
Best of luck in all future endeavours. In lieu of flowers, you can purchase some stuff:
Godspeed. Y nos vemos en la siguiente parada, m’ijos.

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