Invite: Mudcats Blues Trio + The Payroll Union + Canyon Family @ The Harley

Hey, you! Don’t listen to that, listen to this… wait, no, that’s Madness‘ ‘One step beyond’.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Now, what this rambling post is actually aiming for is to invite you to a special gig we have curated with the people of Xray Horse. On May 11th, at The Harley, for just 4 quid, you can see this rather dashing bands:

Canyon Family – Dreamy Americana, in the tradition of Mazzy Star, Ida and Red House Painters. Utterly wonderful.

The Payroll Union – Proof positive that history can be both informative and entertaining, their bold show is always a sight for sore eyes. We’ve seen them before.

Mudcats Blues Trio – Simply Biblical in both strength and stage presence. Proper Blues. We reviewed them, too.

RSVP right here.

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