Tales from the other side

Typical ‘Record Store Day’ get up (or so I’ve been told) of 5am, get dressed, throw (quite literally) on some make up and BAM. I’m ready to say hello to the world. May I add, this lasted a mere 30 seconds…

6:20am – I’m stood at Huddersfield Train Station, I have never seen it so beautiful, the sun is rising, the birds are singing. My face however, is quite a different picture. Dreaming of my bed I get on the train at exactly 6:27am – aren’t Northern Rail good? I plonk myself on down on a 4 seater. DAMN. I didn’t bring my phone charger.

I arrive in Leeds at 6:45am, a whole 10 minutes before schedule – reckless train driver, and wander down to the Queens Hotel. Isn’t this posh, eh? My job for today is to work at Criminal RecordsAnnual Record Fair, I don’t know about you, but I’m excited! I’ve never done a record fair before. Yes, I work on Huddersfield market selling records and CDs but I’ve never actually been to a record fair…SHAME ON ME.

My first job is to PROMOTE THE RECORD FAIR…see what I did there. Therefore, being in the centre of Leeds, where else can I do this than go to Jumbo and Crash and hand some snazzy leaflets to eager record collectors – do not be fooled. Dressed in my Chicago Bears jumper and skinny jeans you’d think I look hip and down wiv the kidz, but no. As I hand out leaflets, people look at me in disgust. Mate, it doesn’t have “You’re going to die if you don’t take this leaflet” scrawled on it, it’s to promote a RECORD FAIR IN WHICH YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN.

People these days.

Saying that, a woman who has been waiting outside Crash since 1AM is lovely and I want to give her a high-five, but I feel that would be deemed to be ‘uncool’, so I refrain. Clearly Record Store Day is a massive deal and I take a moment to think about stuff, should I be back at Vinyl Tap in Huddersfield to support my local record store and buy At The Drive – in or should I be getting death stares by punters in the centre of Leeds?

Throughout the day, although I have ATD-I circulating in my brain, the record fair is pretty damn cool, interacting with drunken Liverpudlians, drinking multiple cups of iced tea and flicking through some of the dealers records including a £40 Frank Zappa LP – I should really be working.

5:00am and I’m finished, knocking back a cheeky Vodka and Cranberry I reflect upon the day and decide that for Record Store Day 2014 I WILL go and buy the LPs in which I desire, why not? You can only get them on that one day…ha ha.

Words: Cat Keller.

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