Ice, Sea, Dead People – If It’s Broken, Break It More


Just three  songs into listening to this Bedford quartet’s second album, and I’m already thinking of Fugazi‘s The Argument and Test Icicles For Screening Purposes Only.  This is no bad thing at all as far as I’m concerned, as this sonic assault on the ears would happily sit in-between both albums with pointy elbows sticking out either side.

Some of the sharpest stabs of dischordant guitar I’ve heard in a long time can be found flailing over filthy basslines and psychotic drums, with vocals ranging from spoken to voice breaking shrieks. And by the 53rd time (I counted)  “I’ve found a way”  is screamed, the shit eating grin on my face couldn’t get any wider.  Having seen them live, I’m surprised their fingers aren’t bleeding heavily after every gig while the drummer has melted himself  into the stage.

Only four of the ten tracks are just over three  minutes long (the last track, ‘We don’t want to give you that’,  is forty three seconds), and now halfway through If It’s Broken, Break It More, I’m taken back in time to Mclusky‘s Curses. Whether or not these bands are influences of Ice, Sea, Dead People I’m not sure, but after the  title track ‘If It’s Broken, Break It More’ has flown by (followed by the less-than-a-minute ‘We Don’t Want To Give You That’) the albums likened to this are definitely coming out for a spin. Not before a few more listens of this, though.

If It’s Broken, Break It More is definitely an album that gets better each time you treat your ears to it. There seem to be riffs that were previously hidden away, but reveal themselves after every listen. This is an album where you could find most tracks filling the dance floor at an indie club night, and also in a sweaty moshpit in equal measures. Highly recommended. Now let’s break something that’s already broken.

Words: Stephen Lee Clarke

Ice, Sea, Dead People Website. Facebook. Soundcloud. Bandcamp. Twitter.


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