Video Round Up: Conveyor, Matt Pond, Stone Cold Fox, Steel Trees, We are the physics, Dark Horses

Howdy ho, this is yer obligatory “round up” editor, Orestes P. Xistos, and I’m bringing you a few videos for your visual pleasure. Because fuck MTV and their non-video ways. What happened to those VJs of yesteryear that spoke cool facts and the endless hours of videos?

Where’s the love for videos? Reality Show Killed the Video Star indeed!

Oh, videos, right:

Conveyor have been gathering many applauses with their awesome music (oh, we reviewed and interviewed them too!) and their brand new video for ‘Woolgatherer’ MIGHT look NSFW but it’s not, although there’s icky bits. But who cares? Such a good song from a lovely band.

Sweet riffmaster Matt Pond has a new(ish) video for his song ‘Love to get used’. Bittersweet with that catchy guitar style we’ve grown to love, here’s another reason to get The lives inside the lines in your hand, his newest album. It’s a very lovely album. Man, I wish I could see him live.

Stone Cold Fox have a nappy-happy video called ‘Seventeen’. Do you remember what you did when you were 17? I remember my birthday. None of my friends came so I went to Burger King and bought an apple pie and light my zippo and was about to blow it when the Mall cop told me off. I blowed anyway and the frakkin’ pie wrapper caught fire and my birthday  pie burnt to a crisp and I got banned from the Mall. On my 17th birthday. This video is much better than that anecdote. Selah.

Hey, remember the time Steel Trees got their Holy MUFF PI stolen by some tobacco chewin’ hick? I do. I shot this video*. And then it got stolen. By Guy Ritchie. And you thought your day was bad. After the extend-o-intro, you get riffs, ak-47s and an unkillable teddy bear. Hey, this is my video!

*no, I didn’t. I lie. A lot.

Hey, We are the physics … ‘GO GO NUCLEO’! Yes! My fave song from the album (I didn’t review it, that was my boss’ review) gets a frankly frantic video which pays homage to the 50s, Devo and probably what goes through my head after having a robusta coffee. Man, that stuff can mess you up.

Dark Horses. Hey, isn’t that the band I saw a couple of years ago (ok, 3) opening for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club? Didn’t they use big ass chains to pummel a poor floor tom? And now they played the Royal Albert Hall? She-it, life sure is topsy turvy. Oh, this video is cool too, with that very seedy musical atmosphere complemented by the nifty black and white video. Sexy stuff.

Next week, we’ll bring you more videos but no nachos. I ATE THEM. They weren’t good. Fuck.

Love, Orestes.

And I’m trolling you with this, suckaaaahs. I’ll beeeee THE-re!

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