Stream: Volenté, Misty Miller, Stagecoach, Lab Coast, Syd Arthur, Senses Fail.


Ahoy, mateys! It’ yer pal Orestes, bringing you some freshhhh beats, because, let’s face it, Wednesdays suck! I mean, I prefer Fridays because I get free cheese danish at my office during elevenses…and who doesn’t like cheese danish?

Unless you hate cheese. Or are vegan. Shit. I’m shutting up. Let’s talk about music:

Here we go… Volenté has a new single (with three songs, natch) and tiptoes not through the tulips, but the drum n bass of yore, the one a certain Mr. Deacon Frost used to groove too while plotting world domination. ‘Broken Promises’ might not be that megalomaniac, touching a slightly lullaby vein.

Misty Miller has a new EP out called Girlfriend and although the mood is sometimes morose, the acid pen still cuts like a knife. ‘Little Drummer’ (which you can totally download for free) is a slow burner full of angry platitudes, proving that you don’t need to shout to make a point. Strong!

Grrr! I hate Stagecoach. Well, not really, it’s just some cheap animosity because we have a slightly similar avi on Twitter. Great minds and all that. The band is dropping a whopper on May 13th, in the form of a debut album. Here’s a lil’ taster for ya:

I sometimes imagine I still live in Los Angeles and I go to Millions of Milkshakes after speeding all my moolah at Amoeba Records. The sunny skies, the warm breeze, the Sunday drivers you need to weave through, like a bullfighter. Lab Coast transports me back there, without the traffic incidents. Check ‘For now’:

I’m pretty sure my editor Sam (alias Gran Quesote) is obsessed with Syd Arthur, talking about riding an old Citation on Mexico’s highway 15 and blasting their record On and On. Their newest single, ‘Ode to the sun’, is certainly roadtrip material. Forget about the carbon footprint (drive a hybrid!) and listen to it:

RHARRGH! We’re too far from Wednesday, so I need a spot of heavy stuff and the new Senses Fail groove will have to do. Not as heavy as you’d expect (the chorus thingy even goes melodic), ‘The Path’ is a cut from their newest album, Renacer (reborn, if you failed your español course), which is available from March 25th.

And that’s that, you miscreants.

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