Video Round Up: Fear of Men, Psychic Twin, The Clench, Elika, Let’s Say We Did, Beaty Heart, LCMDF

Howdy ho, this is yer “round up” editor, Orestes P. Xistos, and I’m bringing you a few videos for your visual pleasure. Why? Because we love you.

No, wait, that’s the Mickey Mouse Club. I hate that mouse. Team Donald forever!

Oh, videos, right:

Fear of Men sing songs to melt your heart, mold it into a collectible and put it into a very nice display case (hand made, natch!) Their latest album, Early Fragments, is out now and my stupid editor Sam has a copy. I’ll nick it. Anyways, this is the video for ‘Seer’, a lovely track indeed!

Hope you enjoyed that. I feel all warm and fuzzy! Shame I missed them last week at The Harley, I heard they were ace.

Speaking of ace bands, Psychic Twin  have released a very lovely 7″ single (White vinyl! Consume in mass quantities!) The a-side is the powerhouse track ‘Strangers’, which has a video that fulfills your oniristic needs. Trippy, slightly unsettling but so warm it brew my tea.

Have you heard of The Clench? I heard of them a lot when a certain member of this writing team went through a rocky break up. Funnily enough, it was this song, ‘Act of Vengeance’, the one that served as soundtrack. With a sweet Spaghetti Western set up, this F.U.S.B. (fusbee) will please those who want a proper western song, spitefulness and rocking riffs included.

Argh! Enough with the anger! We need something easy going, lovey dovey and extremely soul healing. Luckily, the very talented Elika has our backs. ‘No one gets lost’ is from last year’s  Always the light (which we totally loved). Feel those fuzzy synth notes fluterring around with those lovely vocals. This is milk and honey, yo! They’ve got a double album (FUCK YEAH!) coming up, and if you feel like shopping, here’s a link to their store.

Let’s say we did! I like the name of this band. Hey, I said the same to Stacey Jones after the prom dance…. hang on a second, I never went to a prom dance! What I did was enjoy this video, even if I abhor cricket (I’m more of a fan of whackbat). The song’s called ‘Goodbye!’ and it owns the stage with a proper display of tremolo mastery. Thank you, Sweden!

Serious face, you guys: I hate The Little Mermaid. Hans Christian Andersen has sure ruined a lot of childhoods! The movie version? So-so, but the music was alright, I guess. HOWEVER, if said film was to be re-imagined, they could get the talents of Beaty Heart and their song ‘Seafood’ (sung by the evil chef, natch), which for a few moments, it feels like Man vs Food, but with less artery clogging food. Catchy as flu.

You know what I miss from the late 80s? My Trapper Keeper. I had a gnarly one with a purple/mauve surfer plastered on top of turquoise and once saved me from a nun’s wooden ruler (not a euphemism). LCMDF got my back on the whole late 80s nostalgia, as their track ‘The Big Skip’ (featuring Dena) feels ’89, only with better production values and a very smooth flow. The video offers a lot of gifs for you young kids who never saw Count Duckula. Suckers.

I love that bunny falling! You can check LCMDF’s website here, yo. Fresh.

Next week, we’ll bring you more videos. .

Love, @orestes_yipee !

Lemon curry?

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