Video Round Up: Dead leaf echo, The Flight, The Shilohs, I used to be a sparrow, Low Sea, Maps and Atlases

Howdy ho, this is yer “round up” editor, Orestes P. Xistos, and I’m bringing you a few videos for your visual pleasure.

Unless you don’t like videos, which means you work for MTV. Selah.

Oh, videos, right:

Dead Leaf Echo offers a very shoegazey view of life. This pleases us. ‘Kingmaker’ is a lushy trip through a reverberated forest in a sunny day. The only thing that could trump this is getting a hug from Jenny Lewis, really. If you like their dreamy sounds, why not peruse their Soundcloud?

The Flight offer you a dark trip through their cardboard/shadowfigurefuelled nightmares in this freaky but rather cool video. The slightly Gothic (Gormenghast!) feeling of dread the song has is perfectly captured in this stark animation. Their debut EP is out March 10, 2013.

Interesting choice of imagery for this The Shilohs video, as the first time we listened to them, they felt like Road Trip mixtape material. ‘The place where nobody knows I go’ has the Vancouver squad doing a lil’ loveletter to Big Star, with the catchy rhythm and the easy-going voice.

Hi, my name is Orestes. I used to be a sparrow. No, wait, that’s the name of the band! They have an album out in April called You’re an empty artist and they escaped from a lab in Sweden where they became Level 4 in dream pop. This is all good news, of course. Put them in a mixtape with Headlights, Pinkunoizu and Simian Ghost and you’ll make someone happy!

Low Sea once had a nightmare. It involved a kaleidoscope, Casey Kasem and some sweet 80s synth. Then they woke up and the only memento from their excursion to Dreamland was the sweet 80s palette that they deftly swagger in ‘Remote viewing’. The album (also called Remote Viewing) is out April 8. Meanwhile, here’s their Soundcloud. Ch-check it.

Oh, Maps & Atlases, we love you, why won’t you return our calls? Oh, well, while our lawyers try to find a way to defeat that restraining order, we will enjoy the lovely video for ‘Fever’. Hey, I had that same hoody, but in purple! Don’t believe the naysayers, the album is very, very nice. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Maps & Atlases are on tour. Here be dates, yo:

Feb 16 OO7 Club Prague, Czech Republic
Feb 17 SCHLACHTHOF Wiesbaden, Germany
Feb 18 Conne Island Leipzig, Germany
Feb 20 Debaser Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 21 Loppen Copenhagen, Denmark
Feb 22 Debaser Malmo, Sweden
Feb 23 Uebel & Gefährlich Hamburg, Germany
Feb 25 CC De Grote Post Oostende, Belgium
Feb 26 Espace B Paris, France
Feb 27 Joiners Southampton, United Kingdom
Feb 28 Hare & Hounds Birmingham, United Kingdom
Mar 02 Art School Glasgow, United Kingdom
Mar 03 The Ruby Lounge Manchester, United Kingdom
Mar 04 Brudenell Social Leeds, United Kingdom
Mar 05 Kazimer Liverpool, United Kingdom
Mar 06 Dingwalls London, United Kingdom
Mar 07 Green Door Store Brighton, United Kingdom
Mar 08 Lousiana Bristol, United Kingdom
Mar 09 Marlowe Theatre Studio Canterbury, United Kingdom

Next week, we’ll bring you more videos. In the meantime, I’ll declare that Alien: Colonial Marines is a piece of doodoo.

Love, Orestes.

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