The King Bains – 3


Somewhere over Middleton Moor the wind rips and tears is way through a solitary Hawthorne tree. The moon is hides her face in fear behind banks of black clouds and a banshee’s howl rises from a hidden gorge far from habitation. The King Bains are on the loose.

They have been about for a little while forging a reputation for themselves in the North Midlands. Now with 3 Jim Harrison and Mike Dolton come of age.

Conjuring up the ghosts of old bluesmen and the likes of Free, Cream and The Black Keys when they were good the Bains make their own mark with this heady brew of Delta infused Drones, Fuzz Blues and soul saving gospel.

You know you’re onto something when the opener ‘Saviour’ effortlessly stretches out to six minutes. An acoustic lick rings through without ever tiring and there is just a touch of William Elliott Whitmore to really intrigue.

From here on we get heavier. Dolton’s drums drive Harrison on through ‘Brothers and Sisters’ his guitar growling and moaning under the stoner groove before another acoustic spell is cast with ‘Appalachian Woman’.

There is a darker feel as a monster riff introduces ‘Not the One’ after a nod to Robin Trower on ‘Guilty’.

There is no let up or deviation from the chosen destination – some lonesome crossroad where Harrison and Dolton have something to sell.

A minimal ‘Deadwood’ is hypnotic before a full blown electric juggernaut reprise of ‘Saviour’ as Jim H. cuts loose. Ten tracks no filler among them.

God Bless ‘em it’s a free download too. 5/5

Words: Keefy

The King Bains Website. Twitter. Bandcamp.

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