Ruth Angell and Sid Peacock – Love Forgiven


Here’s a beautiful thing.
Opening the album with the timeless traditional folk classic ‘She Moves Through the Fair’ is a brave move. Here Sid Peacock and Ruth Angell become the U.K.’s Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, as they take this ancient tune and overhaul the melody with a shimmering drone backing to underpin Ruth Angell’s tender vocals.

It’s a superb track full of magic and mystery conjouring up leafy glades and hidden pathways. From here on, Love Forgiven finds its way into a more mainstream folk vibe. There is some serious musicianship on show here. Angell’s fiddle features very highly and
Sid Peacock’s accompaniments are hugely effective.

A mixture of traditional and original compositions flow effortlessly interweaving between folk/blues and jazz. ‘Tiny Sparrow’ interprets the American folk song ‘Fair and Tender Ladie’ and is lovely, countered by Sid’s Cohenesque ‘Vagabond’s Lullaby’, while never returning to the minimalist landscape explored by the opener ‘Love Forgiven” will delight many listeners.

Often, “new folksters “ fall into a trap labelled M.O.R. Angell and Peacock neatly sidestep this problem using sensitive arrangements and a clever choice of material. The instrumental set ‘The Birds’ is quite beautiful. Angell and Peacock seem most comfortable wearing their traditional folk clothes and show off a little on ‘Humours of Lissadell’ with some skillful interplay. A very creditable first outing from a talented duo more please.

A perfect fit for the “Folk Forest “ stage at Tramlines 2013.


Ruth Angell Website.

Sid Peacock Website.

One thought on “Ruth Angell and Sid Peacock – Love Forgiven

  1. Hello Keith,
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful review. We really appreciate it. Would love to do the festival you mentioned how do we go about that?
    I’ll post this on our websites.
    Ruth x

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