Top videogames of 2012

Heeeeeeey, I know we are not a videogame reviewing website, but the editorial team partakes heavily into the world of gaming, whether table top, pen and paper or plugged into a wonderful equipment that will turn into junk once it gets a red ring.

So, withouth any further ado, here’s our fave games of 2012. Again, the rules were:

-We played the game.

-It was released in 2012.


1) Dishonored – For us who were thoroughly addicted to Thief (or any of its sequels), this feels terribly at home with our instincts to roam and sneak around. However, that’s where the similarities end and you start to get creative in ways of disposing of enemies and guards, sort of like Manhunt. It satisfies the little psychopath in you while still delivering a good gaming experience. It reminds me of the good times I had with Clive Barker’ Undying or Blood 2.

2) Far Cry 3 – Sprawling and full of great action, this is a very nice surprise on the franchise, which I’ve enjoyed but felt it could so much more with it. Colour me surprised with this lil’ actioner in an island. Extra kudos for almost giving me a heart attack when a shark pretty much had me as a Mexican taco al pastor. Oh, well.

3) Borderlands 2 – A good friend of mine complained about how games today are mostly cinematics and “press x not to die” quick time events. He felt the fun has been taken out. True, there are some rather lazy games out there, just like there are weak and dishonest albums and films. Borderlands 2 is as far as you can get from a dishonest, lazy game. Sure, the PC version has a bunch of bugs nagging, so do get the update if you’re a pc player (like me).

4) Slender : The Eight Pages – You’ve ever played a game that sinks into your skin slowly due to atmosphere and scares you just right? Amnesia The Dark Descent and that asylum level of Thief : Deadly Shadows did it and Slender : The Eight Pages does it too. As unforgiving as Mine Sweeper and probably more time consuming. And it’s free!

5) Max Payne 3 – Stranglehold tried to capture the magic of John Woo and it was a good albeit short experience. Max Payne 3 does feel like an even better tribute to the Heroic Bloodshed genre, while still having its own identity. Max needs to lighten up, someone send him a kitten or something…No, scratch that, knowing his luck, the cat would be killed by Slender and Max would have to chase him and give him a lead salad. Now, that’s a mod I would enjoy playing…

Words: Sam J. Valdés López.

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