Gig previews!

Busy week this one! I’m missing them all ‘cuz I’ve got my hands deep in mucky river sediment (not an euphemism).

Sheffield gigs: 

Queens Social Road hosts on Thursday 29th a whammy of a gig, with The Raveonettes headlining their fuzzy rock (a cross between The Jesus and Mary Chain and Stray Cats). Support duties come from Holy Esque. If you are a Harley Live member (or an early bird), tickets are 11 clams. If not, 12 pounds. More on the door, so buy early.

Need another argument? Here’s some of the newer stuff by The Raveonettes: 

What about Holy Esque? Here you go:

Rough Shag continues to peddle some rather well crafted rock at Bungalows and Bears and this Friday 30th sees the place infested (in a good way) with the sounds of Wooderson, Dry Heaves and Love Hurts. It’s free entry, but you’ll need money for alcohol. Hugs might be free but it depends on how well you roll against charisma.

Wooderson sounds like this (hey, we reviewed it!): 

Dry Heaves wishes you were a fan of Circle Jerks:

Love Hurts sneaks into the bombed site of Coventry cathedral and plays punk ’til the bishop kicks ’em out:


Super Cat  is kicking it big time with a showcase of their talents at The Bull and Gate in Kentish town. The show, taking place on Thursday 29th of November, features  I am in Love, Crushing Blows, Trampolene and Ninetails rocking the stage. 4 squid, 5 on the door. We recently told you how good the new EP by Ninetails is. You missed that? Here’s the link.

Ninetails want your soul:

I am in love sing you a ballad. With onions:

Crushing Blows serenade you with a good reverb pedal on tow:

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