A Plastic Rose – Camera.Shutter.Life

2 out of 5 stars

Appearing at Reading and Leeds festivals, being handpicked by BBC introducing, and being selected as Across the Line’s top 20 bands in 2008 – A Plastic Rose certainly had a decent start. Emphasis there on ‘had’.

Simply put, this album was probably good about ten-years ago. But now, amidst far more inventive melodies among many other bands, A Plastic Rose will sadly be relegated to the bargain bin.

It’s not that any of the songs on here are terrible – ‘Build From the Ground Up’ and ‘All You Know & Love Will Die’ nicely balance shouting lyrics, simple melodic guitar riffs, and Kasabian-esque special effects and reverbs.

Yet the whole thing feels clichéd, tired, and a little contrite. It reminds me of being a teenager, plagued by easily forgettable, samey bands. By track five, I’m sort of expecting Avril Lavigne to burst onto the scene and start belting out the dreadful lyrics involving unimaginative sketches of “outside it is raining” (‘Skin’), “dancing with the Angel” (‘When the Morning Comes’), and “I just figured out how to save the world” (‘Boy Racer’).

‘Kids Don’t Behave Like This’ – their single from December 2009 – resembles an odd mix of Biffy Clyro, MGMT and Feeder. It’s well-trodden territory, but arguably the most memorable on the album with easy to sing, catchy choral breaks, and simple to air-guitar riffs.

Yet overall, this collection of songs by A Plastic Rose is rather forgettable. Stick it on your iTunes, and it will soon end up as one of those unplayed albums that are merely there to boost song numbers. If the album was a child, it would be the stereotypical middle one – important, meaningful, and trying to say something, but otherwise a little more forgotten, neglected, and insignificant.

For all I know, this album could have come from the late-nineties post-rock movement, full of posy bands with slicked forward fringes, piercings, and emotional issues disguised as ‘teenage angst’.

Maybe it is just not the music I’m accustomed to – or maybe it is a style I’m too accustomed to. I’m not sure. Either way, A Plastic Rose’s latest offering is rather, erm, plastic – shapely, strong, but recycled, fragile with time, and relatively breakable in places.

Must listen:
‘All You Know & Love Will Die’
‘Kids Don’t Behave Like This’

More filler than thriller:
Most of the album

Words: Ashley Scrace

A Plastic Rose Website. Facebook. Bandcamp.

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