Single review: Steel Island // Buzzards split

You may remember my ravings over “An Upward Artful ScarpHilldrop Records‘ superb compilation album. Well stap me if those cheeky monkeys have a nice new shiny 7 “ split single just out.They have persuaded Steel Island, a bunch of Swedish artrockers, to give us ‘Infinite Wave’, a very nice slab of surf pop that washes you with some lovely guitar licks and a mellow chilled out synthpop outro. You might just find yourself humming the chorus while cooking tea.

On the other side, Buzzards continue to impress and ‘Beartrap’ is just fine. Guitars jangle madly, then dip in and out. The lo-fi approach makes this a very attractive proposition indeed and I love the way they have constructed this piece of magic.

Produced, performed and presented with Hilldrop’s usual style and integrity (editor’s note: and a very nifty clear vinyl presentation!).

Words: Keefy

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