Singles Reviewed : Screaming Maldini, Yokozuna, Pinback, Silver Arm, Picardy III, Taffy

Greetings, readers! Sorry if the intro is curt, but we are in an emotional groove and we can’t get out. Singles (or stuff we decided it was singles):

Screaming Maldini – Summer, Somewhere

I’m bored / And I’m not alone“. Ouch, that’s an elbow-piledriver jump from the third rope, Screaming Maldini! For a pop song, this one’s got quite a bite, but worry not: the poison is not lethal, but will affect your circadian rhythm with its baroque pop dimples. So it goes for ‘Summer, Somewhere’.

‘The Extraordinary’ is way swankier, with the classic style of this band that’s more gin & tonic than mouthwash and Shasta (don’t judge, I’m skint). It’s a superbly breezy song that has such an infectious chorus I might as well chuck it into the autoclave at 105 Celsius.

You get two remixes in this release. One’s by Johnny Foreigner and it’s quite dreamy, cranking the reverb high. The Rosie E. Remix is more 90s tardeada, so wear something neon and multicoloured before bustin’ a move to it (I can’t ‘cuz I’ve got two left feet). – Sam ‘Sleepy’ Valdés

Yokozuna – Árbol

Zoinks, yo! This took me by surprise. I’ve heard the name of Yokozuna bandied about a lot but never had the chance to sit down and listen to them. The fuzzy, distorted riff didn’t inspire me to sit, but to headbang a lot. ‘Árbol’ (‘tree’) will be featured on their new album, Quiero Venganza, and if this psychedelic, desert rock track is any indication, it’ll be a grand ol’ trip through Peyoteland. The solo is class. I do wonder if the tree is an Ent….- Orestes ‘Sneezy’ Xistos. 

Pinback – Sherman

Holy Frijoles! This is such a fantastic pairing: 50s Sci Fi and Pinback. ‘Sherman’ finds the band doing the Quatermass bit, with their always easy going rock that smoulders slowly, never backing down. The song’s like a reassuring hug and sometimes, that’s all ya need. The new album, Information Retrieved, is out November 12 (UK) and out NOW in the USA. It’s a sweet one! – Sam ‘Doc’ Valdés

Silver Arm – Man the Falcons / Power of the sun

We told you about Silver Arm a while ago and we’ll insist again ‘cuz the rock (and they’ve got my parakeet by the claws!!). ‘Man the falcons’ is a brutal rock track (with “hey hey!” refrains at the end) with a slow speed – think of it as an avalanche, starting with a few pebbles rolling down then the big rocks coming out. ‘Power of the sun’ is what said big rocks sounds like. Whereas ‘Man the falcons’ is a bit straightforward, ‘Power of the sun’ feels more free, changing amplitude enough to create a bigger wave. This single is out October 29th. – Orestes ‘Happy’ Xistos. 

Taffy – =3

Cake face! Well, that’s how I interpret that emoticon and the reference to cherry pies makes me think that this supersweet track by Taffy is about cake (whether literal o metaphorical depends on you). It’s a warm song for us sorely needing to pay the electricity bill (psst, it’s a free download) and there’s something slightly Juliana Hatfield meets Vivian Girls in here. I’m interested. Very interested. Another slice and coffee. And make it snappy, buster. -Orestes ‘Bashful’ Xistos.

Picardy III – Going (The Lonely Song)

There’s a deep feeling of sadness in this gospel-like track by Picardy III (who may or may not be an accomplice of The Whiskey Priest). This is one of the tracks from Picardy III‘s upcoming EP Lonely Songs (out Nov. 6th) and what you hear is what you’ll get: honesty, deep feelings and sadness, but not sadness as a hamper, but as a necessity in life. You need the sad to appreciate the happy and you need to learn how to enjoy sadness, as you’ll revisit it often. Picardy III has  the right idea. Sam ‘Dopey’ Valdés


Screaming Maldini

Silver Arm WebsiteTwitterFacebook.

Taffy Website. Facebook. Twitter.

Pinback WebsiteFacebook.

Yokozuna Twitter. Facebook. Soundcloud.

Picardy III Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter.

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