Invitation – West Street Live gig, October 21st

Hey, hi, we’d like to extend a courteous invitation to all you lovely readers to our last ever gig. We’ve had a fun run, but we’ve decided to stop. As we need to go out with a bang, we are organising a charity gig with Great Deeds (who also will be launching their EP, Disastrochimp), with support with the ever solid Tribal Fighters and Tetsuo. 

The charity we chose was CRESST, an ace organisation working in Sheffield.  RSVP

About the bands:

Great Deeds travel the uncharted land between punk and jazz. A trio of powerful musicians (with the biggest setlist you’ll see in your life), they always give out a fantastic show and their new EP, Disastrochimp, will hit the stratosphere in the second chord.

Tribal Fighters play instrumental math rock, which means there’s a lot of dreamy tapping, a lot of odd time signatures and a generally happy mood that might veer into nostalgia from time to time.

Tetsuo empty the shotgun cartridges and replace the pellets with a mixture of Potassium and some other wild chemicals I’m not going to reveal (they’d sue). Definitely on the harder side of the spectrum, always moving fast.


CRESST trains children and young people to understand and resolve conflict, especially through a mediation process that they do themselves. Too many children and young people face barriers to learning – and are even scared to go to school – because of conflict and bullying. We work with schools across Sheffield, involving the whole school community – children, teachers, support staff, governors and parents.

We train all the adults in a school, and a selected year of children, in understanding and tackling conflict. A group of 9-11 year olds volunteer to train as Young Peacemakers, peer mediators, who help others to resolve their disputes, and they take these skills out into their communities and into their adult lives. 30 of Sheffield’s 130 primary schools already have peer mediation schemes and we want to increase that number. We work in secondary schools too and hope to expand that work. Read more on our website.

CRESST is about building peace from the ground up. We believe that if all children learned how to resolve conflict without violence the world would be more peaceful. Peace is possible and we are building it here in Sheffield.



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