Singles reviewed: Soundgarden, Mega Aquarians, Mark Eitzel, Chris Helme, Watchers, Silver, Autumn Owls

Greetings, readers! I’ve got reflux. It isn’t fun. It’s like using hydrochloric acid for mouthwash. Do you know how painful that is? It’s like that time I was in Tijuana with my Uncle Joe and we met a couple of delincuentes malandros who sold us this high quality mezcal (it had three worms instead of one). Turns out it was quadruple distilled Bacardi. That shit is rank.

This week’s singles come courtesy of Basil Brush, so boom boom!

Ah, singles, right:

Soundgarden – Been away too long

Are they going meta? Yes, motherfuckers, you’ve been away too long. Look at music. See how the Nicklebacks and Moderattos of the world took the carcass of rock and tore it apart like savage dogs. About goddamned time you stopped prancing around with rappers and came back to the fold. Oh, the song’s good and that comment about this new album being a logical continuation of Down on the upside is quite accurate, as I just felt this goes in the same taxonomy as ‘No attention’ or ‘Dusty’, both real gems from that album. Thank you for this and play, stay a while…stay forever! –Orestes P.  “Elvin from Mission : Impossible” Xistos

Mega Aquarians – Diazastra

The trippydelic riffs and menacing drums of Mega Aquarians are back in the mammoth like ‘Diazastra’, a Ross Orton-produced gem (and staple of their live set). Always a pleasure to hear from this band and their sci-fi infused prog rock, with some sweet synth atmospheres for you lovers of layered music. More please – Sam “McCauley” Valdés

Mark Eitzel – I love you but you’re dead 

If you’d ever ask me about the essence of Mark Eitzel I’d say it’s like the extract from almonds: bitter and poisonous. Since his days on American Music Club and on his solo stuff, the truth has always been dealt through his crafty lyrical work, the lovely music and the earnest voice. ‘I love you but you’re dead’ is yet another chapter in the everlasting book of music that Mr. Eitzel continues to weave and create in front of our eyes. Love the atmosphere and here’s looking forward to Don’t be a stranger (out October 2). – Sam “Cady” Valdés

Chris Helme – Long way round

“‘It’s a long way to Ohio State, so buckle up, twerps!’ So said Mr. Peeps, who drove that old station wagon through dirt tracks like it was the best laid out concrete superhighway in the world. Mr. Peeps knew my dad since they were stationed in Vietnam and I think it was their uneasy friendship what made them survive the cruel tricks that both the VC and the US army pulled on them. They came back with their bodies intact and their minds scarred. Dad left us, but Mr. Peeps was always kind to drove me and the other orphans in the county to school.” Old school country laments. Chris Helme is on tour from October until december- Orestes “P. is for Plagiarising my fellow writers” Xistos

Watchers – Cut the ribbon

A chainsaw has been taken to the sounds of the gloomier Indie of the 1980s. The people wielding the chainsaw are The Watchers and the sound of them cutting down a bunch of bunnymen resonates like a wild echo in this track called ‘Cut the ribbon’. Crescendos are used sparsely (wise) and it fits the mood of these times of rain and overcoats being sported. Enjoy the pace, relish the guitar’s spacey effects and wonder what the rest will sound like. Orestes “P. Coltrane” Xistos. 

Silver – Behemoth / Rib

Whooo! Ambient and creepy? I’m in. Totally. Silver release this double A side called ‘Behemoth/Rib’. ‘Behemoth’ is a moody, creepy track that reverbs itself into your skin, intoxicating the bloodstream and shaking the soul with those processed vocals that never quite seem human, just the moans of a ravenant walking the streets it used to walk through. ‘Rib’ is slightly cheerier (the occasional beat helps it) but you are still in spectre country, son. Less processed, more organic, but still quite the trea .- Sam “Cady” Valdés.

Autumn Owls – Patterns

Ireland represent! The slowly moving ‘Patterns’ might sound like a slightly cheerier I am Kloot (miss those Mancs) but with the added wizardry of a 9 level Priest of Post Rock (TM), who adds layers and layers of high-density dreamwaves in the form of heavy delayed notes and jarring chords. It starts slowly but then becomes as treacherous as the sea. The ending atmosphere is just perfect. – Orestes “P. is for Perfect!” Xistos. 


Soundgarden Website. Facebook. Twitter.

Mega Aquarians FacebookMyspaceSoundcloud.

Mark Eitzel Blogspot. Facebook. Twitter.

Chris Helme WebsiteFacebookTwitter.

Watchers Website. Facebook. Twitter.

Silver Tumblr. Twitter. Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Facebook.

Autumn Owls Website. Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud.

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