Botín MP3 – 1

Hey up! Here’s a few MP3s we’ve received for you, lovely people, feel free to nick away!

DJ Shadow & Irn Mnky – ‘I Gotta Rokk’ – Kudos if you recognise the samples! I’m pretty sure ‘Voodoo people’ and ‘Robot rock’ are there. Check out the scratch skill!

Heart of Hearts – ‘Unbound’ – The breezy folk & electronica mixture works quite well, resulting in a swanky lil’ track. Their new album, My Society, is out now!

Rupert Stroud – ‘No peace of mind’ – You know? Sometimes I feel these tracks seem to find me just when I feel in certain moods (milky moods!). One for you acoustic lovers.

Gizeh Records have been kind enough to offer a brand new sampler for you! If you like music of the ethereal and dreamy disposition, you can’t go wrong with this. Check this lovely track by Sleepingdog while you download the sampler.

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