Your weekly video dose

Hey, here’s some videos to get your week started. It’s a strange menagerie of styles, sounds and looks, but that’s the tip of the iceberg of what’s going on in the heads of the editorial team (a de facto dictatorship…). 

One of the many providers of riffs in Leeds, Hawkeyes, brings you visions of horses with scarab heads. Aye, it be weird times. ‘Headstrung’, you people.

Glam rockers from Sheffield , Blue Lip Feel, bring that easy going 70s feel in music. Here’s the catchy ‘Sky Suit’ song and accompanying video.

I’ve never met anyone who actively likes Wednesdays, but I’ve met people that actively likes this band, Jaya The Cat. Here’s the video for ‘Here comes the drums’.

Sometimes singing is the best way to pass time while shopping (or waiting for the significant other to do their shopping). Now, not everyone has the choral pop sensibilities that Screaming Maldini has. Here’s ‘Summer, Somewhere’, which you can download for free if you subscribe to their email list.

A rockier side to Daniel Pearson, ‘One for conversation’ eschews the alt-country vibe and goes for rock (including a nifty solo).

A classier ditty, courtesy of Melody Gardot, a cover of ‘La Vie en Rose’. Swanky and currently doing the rounds in ads for Piaget. 

A week has seven days, so you need a seventh video, right? Well, here’s an oldie gem, Mazzy Star. The song… did you really need to ask?

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