News – Toddla T, I Like Trains, See Emily Play & The Harley/Wick at both Ends

Ahoy, some news for ya:

  • The Pioneers are a legend in the world of Reggae and their cover of Jimmy Cliff‘s ‘Let your yeah be yeah’ is a classic tune. Toddla T has been invited by Trojan Records and Clarks Originals to remix this track, a project that will involve different producers around the world taking their stab at the track. You can now download Toddla T‘s remix right here.
  • I Like Trains are a relentless band. Not only have they been releasing some ace stuff (including a nifty tea), but they have just announced another EP, called Beacons (due this October). This ep takes the track ‘Beacons’ from their lovely album The Shallows (review) and a tour will go hand in hand with this release. The kickoff is in Leeds City Museum (October 13th) and tickets for the Upper Circle will include a tour of the museum and a screen printed poster. Tickets are on sale now.
  • Sheffield‘s own Emily Ireland (aka See Emily Play) will be one of the highlights of the upcoming Tramlines festival in Sheffield (July 20-22th). Her performance on Friday 20th will be at Sheffield‘s classy Library Theatre, where she will perform with her band and the Sheffield Chamber Orchestra. That’s a nice slice of Chamber Pop in an already ace line-up.
  • Throughout the Summer, Sheffield‘s speakeasies The Harley and The Wick at Both Ends shall be holding The Twisted Beer Festival. What’s this, you ask? Every fortnight, both places will have bottled beers from around the world, covering six regions in total. Highlight? Well, there will be tasting nights (at the beginning of each fortnight) where a connoisseur will guide us sinners into the soul-saving world of beer.  A Twister Beer Festival passport will work as a frequent customer card, giving you a free beer after you’ve tried the other 5 form each region. Next tasting evening is July 16th. On a totally random note: there’s a rumour that these restaurants are twins, but the question remains: which one is the evil one?

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