Richard Quirk – Drawing the Footpath of the Sun

Who is Richard Quirk?

Stay there a moment……

In the mean time Drawing the Footpath of the Sun has a nice cover and is 16 tracks of ambient electronic drone soundscapes. Very tastefully recorded , it is possible that Richard had the blue-ray director’s cut of Blade Runner on a massive widescreen t.v. (sound on mute ) while cutting, pasting, mixing and doing whatever clever musician
types do when they do what they do.

I have had four listens so far. One in the morning, one while dusting and having coffee, one while painting and one late on in the evening (while sober). I’m glad I didn’t consign the album to re-cycle after the first listen because there is much to enjoy IF you are a lover of this genre.

We meander along through the tracks which are pleasant enough but are frequently interrupted by weird beeps, farts, motorcycles(?) and aeroplanes or spacecraft (difficult to say) which break up the standard electronic fare on offer. Sometimes it works, sometimes sounding a little contrived. Not a bad effort 6/10

Richard Quirk : Plays in a band called The Chasms. They are loud and sound nothing like the above. Ask “Keefapedia”.

Words: Keith How

Richard Quirk Bandcamp.

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