Spotlight on : Screaming Maldini

Ah, Screaming Maldini. A noisier side of pop, a swanky cacophony of glockenspiels, vocals and a Rickenbacker that just won’t quit. It’s always an enjoyable band to watch, as there is an edge to the music they offer (think supervillain dinner mixtape.)

We’ve reviewed one of their EPs, interviewed them, saw them at Peace in the Park, classified them as part of  The Machiavellian Mix O’Evil (TM) and even managed to squeeze a poem out of the brains of one of our reviewers. We were going to have a review in French, but that reviewer got snatched by one Maldini’s guard sharks. Damned Tintorera sharks.

You can catch Screaming Maldini this very Friday 25th at Sheffield Sizzler, in Tudor Square, an event we told you about just recently!

With a new album on tow and an incognito look (so long, Double-Dragon-grunt-style white and pink), Screaming Maldini are here for a while (or until the lease of the Volcano Lair runs out).

Screaming Maldini


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