Review: Trojan Horse + Support @ Horatia Pub

The sun has returned to London. About time! Spring has finally sprung, droughts are being called off, David Cameron didn’t know what LOL meant, and things are looking up. These things however do not mean people go to gigs. The sun makes people go to parks and get heatstroke/drunk in the sun, so they have to go home early or just stay lounging in parks and beer gardens. Which is a shame because you missed some fine musical talent London.

Despite the small crowd it was the job of Theo to get the party started. I was initially apprehensive of Theo, a one-man band armed with guitar and loop pedal. But thank god he was not your normal guitar player with loop pedal. After setting his riffs looping he switched to a drum kit and played crushing beats. Blending each track into the next I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t help but smile watching him perform. Like Tall Ships rolled into one man Theo is perhaps one of the most talented unknown performers in London. As one member of the audience proclaimed, “for all the untalented people in the world its Theo’s fault” and I think she might be right. It was one of the best performances I’ve seen for a long time.

The same cant be said for Pulpo. Taking to the stage in matching black vests after the drummer performed some pre performance press ups. At their best they were channeling hardcore punk (but I didn’t believe they meant it) or early Queens of the Stone Age. At their worst it was just noise and not the good kind, some good ideas but poorly executed. At times it felt like Pulpo had barely been in the rehearsal room together in their lives. The drummer asks, “Have we got time for one more?” “No” comes the reply. Oh well.

Confession time. Before this evening I hadn’t heard of the first two bands, and although I was aware Trojan Horse existed I had never heard their music, so didn’t know what to expect. As it turns out I was pleasantly surprised. Bursting into their opener full of energy and intent. Sounding like Kansas before twisting into a funk breakdown that I was convinced was going to segue into a James Brown cover.  Trojan Horse are full of ideas that all work so well together. If you have ever suffered from writers block its Trojan Horses fault, they stole your ideas! As they swung from Fleet Foxes to Janes Addiction this band increasingly enraptured me. If I had more money I would have bought their album. I will on pay day and I urge you to do the same you wont be disappointed. They are a refreshing band that revitalizes a stale genre.

 A night of highs and lows, but thank fully more highs than lows. I know we’ve been sun starved so far this year but come on people stay hydrated and go to shows! You never know you might, just might, find some musical gems like I did.

Words: Owen.

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