Neon Railroad – Heaven Forbid EP

Hailing from the Peak District, Neon Railroad have been putting in the hours gigging constantly since the summer with amps set on “ROCK”.
The title track opens the three track ep and for me is the strongest number. It’s a no frills rocker with all the hallmarks of the bands heroes’. A driving beat, guitars riff away merrily while the back line rumbles along without faltering. Vocalist Charlie Jobson howls out the lyrics as if he is being hounded ghosts.

‘Jenny’ is a slower piece that reminds me of Ziggy era Bowie in places and one imagines N.R. fans singing along ‘Hey Jennie Jennie’. ‘Tomorrow He’s a Dad’ is a mid-tempo tune, Sam Bradbury’s guitar is driving things along a thumping bass (Martin Townsend) and solid percussion from Tom Furnival.

Jobson has no problems coping with the wide vocal range .

What we have here is a young band taking their first steps searching for their sound. They know what they like and are not lacking in confidence to deliver as their live performances show.

Words: Keith How.

Neon Railroad Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud. Myspace.

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