Young Liar – EP2

Hmm. We have been covering a lot of instrumental bands as of late here at the site. Is it a proper scene going on or just luck?

Whatever it is, we do like the genre. With that said, Young Liar‘s EP2 is a swell mix of math rock, post rock and electronica. Through a very short run (4 tracks, 20 minutes), they create an expansive atmosphere, both filled with urgency and with passionate feelings.

For first course, we have ‘Stay hungry, stay crazy’. Slow build-up that sailed from a quiet, gentle port, just to get that foggy reverberation that makes it just as trippy as the doctor ordered. The fog clears and the ambient atmosphere inevitably yields a post rock crescendo that is sweet and explosive. Almost 6 minutes well spent.

‘Sponsored silence’ starts with a creepy noise in the back, like a slightly dreamy eBow irrevocably turning into a nightmarish wail. That sound sells the song to me; the menace is clearly present. The explosion that comes hand in hand with anything considered post-rock is rather delectable.

There’s something that Young Liar seem to sport in this release: all song titles are quite interesting and my favourite is ‘It’s your IQ that’s in danger’. Not only is it a great title, but the slight change in genre is a nice surprise. While still keeping that dreamy sound they do so well, the track has its fangs in the jugular of the math rock genre: a fashionable drum beat, some guitar doodling and a great energy all around. Easily my fave of all the EP, it’s wave after wave of musical energy, drenching your ears.

In another curveball, ‘Don’t tell Marlow’, digitally closes EP2, starting slightly droning and without a single warning, just kicking a storm. The ideas thrown around seem to be represented well in a mix and match format here, feels like this is the one calling card that Young Liar want to leave in your desk so you can remember them. We will be watching.

Words: Sam

Young Liar Facebook. Soundcloud. Bandcamp. Myspace.

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