Singles Reviewed: Daddy Lion, Jake Morley, Decibels, Katzenjammer, Greymouth, Oceanwake, Man of the hour


Greetings, readers who bought my copy of Building your own death ray gun from radishes and aspargus stalks (vol .1 Disintegration for the soul)! Welcome to another edition of our “off again, off again, hey it’s on again!” single reviews column. Granted, some of them aren’t singles, but I liked them and made my stupid human collaborators review ’em. Mahalo. 

This week’s singles come courtesy of WorkForce, because we all mofos here are writing for gratis. Grumble, grumble. We are the 99%, as in, we like to sing “99 luftballoons, ich bin ein ausgangeeeer!” while playing hopscotch against the ghost of DeForest Kelley. He’s quite the sport.

Ah, singles, right:

Daddy Lion – The Scientist’s Lament / Werewolf

Shaking off the late winter blues is never an easy task but leave it to the flowery indie rock of Daddy Lion, a band roaring its way from the USA. ‘The Scientist’s Lament’ is, in terse words, sweet and slightly twee-ish, even if there’s slightly punkish attitude to the lyrics (“I want to believe and give comfort to the bereaved/You never know do you”). Now, ‘Werewolf” seems to have an angrier streak. Vocals are strange, coming off as aggressive but more understated. “There’s a bad man inside me” is the confession, the revelation that sad moods sometimes mean pent-up aggression and not a passive state. Hmm. Good retro fun. –Sam

Oceanwake – The Words of Gods lie among us

I. Am. Angry! Orestes smash! We all need to vent out our frustrations (like my co-editor here who is in perpetual state of denial). Oh, this track? Well, Oceanwake play progressive doom metal, which means a very cool and interesting musical choice (chilling intro, great instrumentals and that growling is just right where it needs to be). Get this mofos cranked up and drink calvados in the skull of your enemies. Or a pint and let it all out. ‘The Words of Gods lie among us’ is a good entree for their upcoming album. Just don’t burn monks. We need their mead.  – Orestes “P. is for Phimsonic Metal” Xistos

Decibels – The Lesser / Turn from the light

Soft and sweet electronic whispers from Decibels, ‘The Lesser’ starts on a morose note. Introspection is playing poker in your head when all of a sudden, a dancey beat arrives and trashes up the place, Beastie Boys style (kick it!). It’s a throwback to 80s electronica (seems to be en vogue right now, that’s cool) while sounding a bit videogamish too (missing my Commodore 64 here).

B-side is called ‘Turn from the light’ and it’s more of a chill tempo sorta affair. Very trippy and atmospheric but not vanilla flavoured, if that makes sense. Chill b-side, Happy go lucky a-side, needed something like this. –Sam.

Greymouth – Restless Passenger

Awwww, I love this band! The vocals are ever so sweet and this folky, almost pastoral track (needs more oboe!). Your patience is rewarded by this song. The vocals play some games here (respect!) and the banjo creates that atmosphere of a foggy forest on an early March walk. What will be waiting for you? Let’s hope a quiet lake and a good sit to sort out life’s woes. Love this. –Sam. 

Katzenjammer – I will dance (when I walk away)

Yeehaw! I hope Katzenjammer are doing a victory dance, because this track is a real doozy. Mixing a very infectious Balkan rhythm with the sounds of a thousand barn dances, ‘I will dance (when I walk away)’ feels like a tribute to that ol’ country music of yore that has now been replaced by dudes in moustaches. Let’s hope the rest of their album is as good (pssst!), because this one is asking for you to grab a dancin’ partner and throw some moves (no quebradita, please). – Orestes “P. is for ajuaaa!” Xistos.

Man of the hour – A modern day epic

Here’s the problem with this upbeat, spunky track by Man of the hour: is it punk? I say yes, ’cause it’s all there. Another person here says no, because punk music doesn’t believe in guitar solos, just like Christians don’t believe in gravity. Who is right? Who cares, ‘A modern day epic’ is good and the solo, yeah, it’s epic, the way guitar solos used to be when guitar players had moppy hair and top hats. – Orestes “P is for Phan of Dead Boys” Xistos.

Jake Morley – Feet don’t fail me now

When not doing some bass shenanigans with Mr. Luke HainesJake Morley creates his own music through some awesome tapping (wonder if he nicked the pick of destiny…). ‘Feet don’t fail me now’, from his album Many fish to fry  is poppy and catchy, not entirely bubblegum and with some interesting choir doing an almost gospel thing. Let’s hope he gets more attention during these weird living years. –Orestes P. Xistos

Retro video of the week: Van Halen – Without you

Oh, yeah, mofos, this one goes for Ixchel, wherever you are. 98 was a looong ass time ago. Hope you are ok.

Cherone ruled. If you don’t agree, you might be wrong but I’ll respect your opinion. Until next time, I’m Orestes Xistos and I rule this dump. I’m the Lord of Darkness. I’m your Lord. I sing ‘kumbayah’ while I look for pics of Christina Ricci when she wasn’t super thin. She was a babe. See ya and kisses and (((sholay))) (((hugs))). Hey, did you notice we had TWO bands from Finland and one from Norway. You wouldn’t happen to know a girl called Selma, would ya?


Daddy Lion
Bandcamp. Myspace.

Oceanwake Website. Facebook.

Decibels Website. Soundcloud. Facebook. Twitter.

Greymouth Soundcloud. Facebook.

Katzenjammer Website. Facebook. Myspace. Twitter.

Man of the hour Tumblr. Facebook. Twitter.

Jake Morley Website. Facebook. Twitter.

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