Basement Batman – Season 1, Episode 1

Once upon a time, Batman declared his hatred for punk and I’ll quote the pointy-eared one: “punk” is nothing but death…and crime…and the rage of a beast.

Oh, Gerard Jones

Anyways, that graphic novel (Fortunate son) made me wonder, what music does Batman actually listen to? We didn’t find out but we found you a band called Basement Batman who offer you three lil’ songs:

1)  ‘On a streak’ goes for a dancey beat with a playful beat. Get the troops riled up and put a little mustard on those Converse, there’s two more tracks to get your groove on.

2) paff! ‘Last bean’ still has some dancey moments, but they are more of a slow variation. The guitar playing here is more tropically-inclined, and it almost feels inspirational. Out of the three, it’s the sweetest, so perhaps it was a jelly bean. Bass is excellent and catchy.

3) ka-pow! ‘Speakerheart’ knows that you chilled out during the previous track, so it’s clearly another dance-athon. Wheter you throw shapes, Minus the Bear-style or do the Batusi, it’s up to you.

So, a triple serving of indie and dancey tracks. Will the next EP be the same or will they switch genres? What is going with the tall cans of Modelo? Stay tuned…

Words: Sam

Basement Batman Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud. Vimeo.

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