Field Music – Plumb

Well, excuse me, but have I just been listening to the new Beatles album?

I’m paying you a compliment Field Music for this is an ambitious project! At one level it’s all over the shop, and yet, somehow everything seems to fit. Sure there are Abbey Road era Fab Four references and some Band on the Run harmonies and, wait, that is Supertramp, then a Chris Squire bass line and a little Steve Howe noodling and the album is only six minutes old.

This really should not hang together but it does. I have arrived at ‘Guillotine’ with nine million time changes crammed into three minutes and before I can take a breath, forty one seconds of lush a cappella ‘How Many More Times’. Now its Station to Station era Bowie (‘A New Thing’). Crunching drums and washes of synths ,a touch of E.L.O. this is hypnotizing and inventive stuff ready to grace your turntable .

I need a cup of tea.

Please do not misunderstand me – this is quite an amazing record – I’m a little phased by the sheer breadth of the music. Talking Heads-ey ‘Is this The Picture’ nice guitar and weird electronic bits and the album is moving into New Wave territory, angular guitars and bass, bubbling electronics and falsetto voices (‘A New Town’).

Suddenly, some sampled Church bells introduce ‘Prelude to Pilgrim Street’, ‘So Long Then’ and the terrific ‘So Long Mate’. This is pure progressive rock. Piano, epic Pink Floyd gong (hurrah), strings and a guitar riff. I just knew there would be some Foxtrot era Genesis somewhere. Lovely lyrics again – all this talk of “greasy streets” and “nothing was real”. Nostalgia, frustration and wonder all sensitively delivered with Beach Boy coloured harmonies. Seriously, this is something else.

‘Start the Day Right’ and ‘Who Pays the Bills’- it’s nearly Yes with some soul. It’s been a while since the classy Tones of Town album and this the next step on the ladder. Comparisons to the past are clearly there for all to hear but The Brewis Brothers are not here to replicate past glories- more having listened and learned from the echoes of (my) the past they have created something unique.

Intrigued? You should be!! A masterpiece or a mess -you decide.

Go on then, two sugars please.

Words: Keefy

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