Death Pedals – Welcome to the restaurant EP

Thats a hell of riff to kick things off. ‘Leaving Here’ just accelerates into a full throttle punk-metal anthem. It’s loud and aggressive. The vocalist is letting us know there is hell to pay.

It’s frantic stuff. Listening to this is like landing on an unknown planet for me,I don’t really have clue what is going on but some chaotic duelling guitars are trying to end the world. Thankfully they don’t succeed but have another go with’Turn off the Noise’. A choogling (I made that word up I think) rocker that is really quite good with some nice bass, stops and a blistering solo.

My initial fears of an apocalypse are further fuelled by “Bored of Youth”. A ferocious punk rocker that will make you youngsters go just a little bit mad. More overdriven and distorted guitars and blazing drums. Oh, yes, and a thumping bass. It’s all fast.

‘Sharks vs Jets’ follows. An almost hardcore balls out call and response winner that will have all the moshers screaming “SHARKS “ along with the band and suddenly its over . All very exciting.

O.K hold that thought.

A little research informs me that Death Pedals come from Brighton and hang around the alt-punk scene in East London. Been around for a while and seem to have a bit of a following! There you go. Anyhow this little e.p. has more going on than you might think.

Give ‘em a try?

Words: Keefy

Death Pedals Facebook. Bandcamp. Blog.

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