Review : Sand in the groove

Sand in the Groove by D.E. Siddons

The Notorious Siddon Brothers. One is a poet the other probably should be. When a copy of D.E. Siddons’ latest offering Sand in the Groove  found itself in my letter box. I was delighted.

Hailing from Chesterfield (and proud of the fact), David Siddons is a wordsmith of some magnitude and in this third collection there is some excellent work. In a very clever move none of the works included here have a title. This could be an oversight or the poet’s way of making the reader pay attention.

After a cursory glance it is obvious that this is no amateur “Moon in June” rhymester .This a serious writer who is honing and refining his craft. On closer inspection it is clear that each word has been carefully chosen and set in place and historical references to events, places and people have been researched to complete the picture in the poet’s mind.

He gazes into the past reflecting on a seaside holiday. Ancient wells and customs intrigue him. Remembering forgotten days of steam and hard work, men who actually fought for the right to live, memories normally consigned to the history books are brought to life. The joy of egg and chips. There are reflections on love and relationships and David’s frustration in dealing with an ever changing modern world. It is all here.

Captured in these thirty seven pages is the soul of a man proud of his Derbyshire heritage honest where his own frail humanity is concerned and, in these days of TXT MSG, honours the English language in all its glory.

Poet Laureate of Chesterfield? I hope so.

Words: Keefy

“Sand in the Groove” isbn 9781908046024

2 thoughts on “Review : Sand in the groove

  1. Totally agree with everything that has been written about this little gem, David’s two previous books (mumblings from the rubber room and 668 neighbour of the beast) are also well worth a read, well done again David!
    Dee. xx

  2. I knew David long ago and I have read and appreciated all of his poetry.
    About to lay my Father to rest on 23rd April and I would like to ask him if I may use a poem of his for the service.

    ‘Did you think death would also be my end’

    I no longer have any contact details for David, so if anyone could pass my request on, or if David himself is reading this, I can be contacted at pressley michele
    Thank you.

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