Pree – Folly

It’s hard to be critical of any band whose name reminds you of Neutral Milk Hotel. It’s fortunate, then, that there isn’t very much to criticise about Pree, and their debut album Folly.

Lovely flute notes flutter about in opening track ‘Songs For Promise’, setting the tone for a nice, folky album. At its worst, you could say that some of the tracks do tend to blend into one another – but frankly, each song does have something unique to it, and if you can’t hear it, you’re not listening hard enough. There’s the warming guitar notes of ‘Fortune’, which at five minutes long is the longest track of the album. Then there’s the tinkling piano of ‘Lemon Tree’ and ‘No Fable’. There’s something special to every track.

Elsewhere on the album, we’re also treated to occasional glimpses of ukulele, musical saw, glock, and a few other wonderful additions that come in at the right moment, never seeming to overcrowd a track. May Tabol’s chirpy vocals are a little reminiscent of Regina Spektor or maybe Feist. She brings the whole album together with her bouncy, playful voice bending notes  however she feels fit.

There are also clever lyrics at play; highlight of the album ‘Lemon Tree’ is sang almost as a story, but the line “I hear you’re living deep inside the ground” is wonderfully poignant.

Folly is as folly does. It’s a little bit silly, yes, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously like so many indie-folk albums these days, and is a genuinely nice record to put one whilst enjoying a hot drink and a nice book.

Words: Coral Williamson

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