Good Weather for an Airstrike – Underneath the stars

Clearly in Stars of the Lid territory, Underneath the Stars finds us castaway in the far reaches of the Milky Way floating in an endless void with no direction home.

This album has been designed to help with sleep patterns and it is easy to hear why. It’s so easy to dismiss ambient electronica as aural wallpaper although I would be the first to admit many offerings that slide into this genre can easily fall into this category. Good Weather for an airstrike seem to have landed some where in the grey area between bland and inventive.

‘Theta waves’ filters from the speakers without any particular sense of direction before a low rumble of thunder and rainfall introduce 8 minutes of ‘another way out’. Anaura of fragility pervades and then builds nicely with piano and synths. ‘Delta Sleep’ is the sound of fallen snow while ‘Rendering Again’ is probably the sound of that same snow melting.

‘Aurora’ and ‘Frozen in Thought’ continue with the themes of stillness and fragility without breaking any new ground. The electronic soundscapes stay in higher registers while the lower frequencies mumble away to themselves in some deep cave somewhere adding a good balance . More of the same ‘Cast Aside’ and ‘Delta Waves’ before 13 minutes of ‘Theroux’ closes the album . Slowly meandering we are in space and heading for dreamland.

Well, no boundaries are being broken but in a turbulent and unsettled world we all need signposts to stillness. This is one.

Words: Keefy

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