The Lower Third – Hiromi Restraint

O.K. I am back on Planet Earth after a visit to Planet Tatooine.

I stayed in the pirate city of Mos Eisley and during my stay I hung out in the Cantina there. The food was unusual, the clientele abrasive and the music adventurous. Some geezer gave me a recording of the house band to review!

Well first time around the whole affair washed over me but second time around something crawled into my brain and I think (only think) I got it. Opening with a spaced out carnival waltz a proggy “70’s style organ leads into a spikey beat instrumental ‘Wall of Perspex’. Nice groove.

Some fucked up vocals and rather odd but inventive electronic musings follow and by the time track 6, ‘Hello Spaceman’, kicks in, I am sort of convinced that this is a future music record from another dimension. More spaced out vocals and weird radio tunings from outer space fall into a slightly C&W ballad of sorts. This is one hell of a trip – more knob twiddling and strangeness and we are into ‘The Boy in the Paper Clothes’ which is brooding and atmospheric, ‘Goodnight Sweet Feedback’ is quiet and introspective before ‘A Hole in the Fabric of Time’ drives through a wormhole with a dirty beat and rolling synths.

Silence and then ‘Track 13’ tidies the whole alien invasion up with some mashed up vocals mixed into a space/lounge tune that some drunken andriod must have remixed.

Hiromi Restraint is….. erm unusual and this is not the whole story. I did not dig this at all at first but I am converted ! After all it is 2042. Is’nt it?

PS. Who on Earth (or not) are these people?

Words: Keefy

Lower Third Bandcamp. Website. Soundcloud.

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