iliketrains – This Skin Full of Bones


He who saw the deep was such a good album from Iliketrains. It was the combination of that woolgathering sound the band has, that baritone voice and the sea-themed videos what really made it an enjoyable listen.

So, in a sort of bookend to the whole He who saw the deep stage, Iliketrains released This skin full of bones, a cd/dvd with a rocking cover (courtesy of Cameron Steward).

The CD bit contains a session the band recorded at The Left Bank, Leeds. The intimate place gives the sombre music an extra layer of eeriness; a funeral procession in an overcast autumn afternoon. Four tracks from This skin full of bones make an appearance.

‘A father’s son’ and ‘Sirens’ get a good reworking. The stripped down versions show how raw the emotions wielded are; the minimal instrumentation give it an air of solemnity. ‘Hope is not enough’ becomes even gloomier than it was on the album and for that you have to admire the band, exacerbating the feelings of dread that make a nightmare become a horrific premonition. Had a real hard time recognising ‘Progress is a snake’. Really dug the acoustic version. No offence intended to the original version, but this acoustic approach turned a punch into a haymaker. Oh, and the Hammond Mark II organ used throughout the session makes me go green with envy.

You also get almost all the songs from the Sirens EP (which we reviewed). You also get a little gem called ‘The Spark’. A well kept secret, a dark sounding waltz, the last piece a couple will dance before fate intervenes and makes them go their separate ways. It’s a good thing ‘A kingdom you deserve’ follows, you’ll need something breezier to lift up your spirits.

The DVD has all the four songs from The Left Bank session plus the three sea-inspired videos the band released, ‘A Father’s Son’, ‘Sirens’ and ‘Sea of regrets’. Out of those three, the definite winner is ‘Sea of regrets’, the shots are magnificent and the story is pretty touching.

A good companion piece to He who saw the deep, the acoustic session alone is pretty interesting and all three videos are keepers.

Words: Sam

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