Likes Lions – Future Colour

Irregular time signatures, and yet manage to build a steady vessel, a very marked Math-Rock and a touch of merry or nostalgic tunes. It is the neatness of making the complex universe look simple.

This is the first impression that I get when I listen to Likes Lions and their EP Future Colour, and at this point I make a special mention to its cover: a lovely cat just waiting to be noticed, or about to do some mischief (I think the most accurate is the second one, actually).

Although I find the good structure of Math Rock through this EP, I would say only that this is only the bones and structure that supports the songs of this band, as they manage to take this to the next level of complexity, adding some standard structures better understood in the context of pop as they become iterative and follow a pattern in terms of tones, which are sweet and known to our ears, giving 5 tracks that may be perfectly included in your New Year’s Eve mix.

It is the mix of universes and the clash in between what this band has to offer: a quiet, controlled (but never self-restrained) and found equation by the band members that makes this experience a good balance of what two worlds have to offer. A good example of this style comes in track 5, ‘Futures’; it is a mix of good syncopate drums style joined by constant guitars and bass, while the voice follows a sweet and soft path leading to that little part of nostalgia in us. I always wonder how do they manage to do that, is it that every note has an emotional part in itself like sweet and sour?

‘Author Dreamweaver Visionary’ (track one) in the other hand, becomes a rather deceptive beginning but then changes to standard rock with a catchy chorus (I loved it), and still develops between the ocean and concrete streets, all of this explained through their changing time signatures.

‘All on Red’, a tune that I could better describe as a ballad: standard, soft, dreamy, longing and waiting for the right moment to take off, as the flight of a butterfly. The voice is also a highlight in this one, as it risks becoming the blanket to tangle the nights you spend on your own, walking on a dark an empty street. Great breaks, as to remind you that perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

‘Welcome to Seaworld’ really honors the name chosen, as this tune becomes a spatial experience through a dialogue of sharp guitars in the deepest ocean of our subconscious, and then the bass guitar takes the lead in this tour to then introduce more speed to the tempo provided. Excellent and danceable (yes, I said that) tune.

There is one song that goes beyond all expectations is the last track, ‘Badminton’ (funny name, though): great guitar intro, with syncopate and irregular notes that would make me think of odd numbers, forgetting there might be other twists to the song and one of them is a violin, which is nicely incorporated and turns this song into a rather expected (but not wanted) ending.

All images converge into one scheme, like the lost identity we have always tried to find when forming a band, when building the grounds of our very own identity. This is a balance found from different styles and influences made evident through every sound the band evokes. I look forward to listening more about Like Lions.


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