Dinosaurs are shit dragons – Modern Pop Music For The Socially Inept

Remember when music was fun? Not joke songs, but songs with a sense of humour. Even if the humour can be a little pop culture oriented (and therefore in danger of not ageing well), it’s there and works brilliantly when done right.

So, the brilliantly called Dinosaurs are shit dragons go for the pop culture minutiae and drop five songs full of sludgy sounds, screams, lo fi mixing, pop culture references galore and some heavy riffage (that ending for ‘Mick Shagger’!).

They clearly have their tongue firmly planted on their cheek and see no sacred cows; everyone is up for grabs. ‘Tigerblood GO! Charlie Sheen’ is a loveletter to the Charliest of the Estevez brothers, quoting verbatim some of his platitudes and going for the rock riff hall of fame.

‘If you don’t love Jesus you’re a fucking bellend’ made me think of Catholic school. Can’t remember if the nuns called me that (they did call me quite a few things) but, hey, the shrink said all suppressed memories will come out eventually. The song rocks and it wonders if Our Lord and Saviour prefers Playstation to Xbox and who is on Heaven’s entry list (hint: Ms. Brooks ain’t). The ending is a good ol’ sing a long, so throw your arms in the air, REPENT and pray for a Dinosaurs are shit dragons revival show. A-men, brahs.

Slightly Riverdance-y but still very grungy is ‘Mick Shagger’. There’s been a plethora (i.e. too fucking many) songs recently about Mick Jagger, this one is the only one that doesn’t suck. A sea shanty about rock stars, poontang and a ludicrously loud finale. That’s how you finish a song about a guy who really can’t keep it in his pants. Mucky fingers indeed.

‘Simon Cowell is responsible for the decline of Modern Culture’. Look, I fucking agree entirely with is and no matter what I type, I can’t make justice to the following statement:

Simon Cowell you massive dick, get off the fucking telly’ you prick / On ITV every Saturday night, speaking the same old fucking shite  / You never made an album that changed the world / You never wrote a song as good as Girls Girls Girls / You never sang a song that will inspire / And every time you speak, I hear the sound of / One more nail in the coffin of music

‘Your cat is a wanker’. Yeah, I hate fucking Garfield too. Funny enough, my siamese cat once decapitated a bunch of my fave G.I. Joes (noooo! NOT RECONDO!!!) because the idiot ate some Valerian (Valeriana officinalis). That shit gets cats all Charlie Sheen-ey.  This headbanging end to our 5 track trip through the muddy fields of Blackpool grunge is the final shoutfest from this band that has a great sense of humour, a wealth of information of current pop culture and the wit of telling it how it is.

Dinosaurs are shit dragons is a heavier side from 2/5ths of Goonies never say die (who also make great music). Check ’em out if you need a wake up jolt to shake up that “shit week again, grrr” feeling.

Now, go with Christ, brother.

Words: Sam

Dinosaurs are shit dragons Bandcamp. Facebook. Reverbnation. Last.fm. Twitter.

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