Save Community!



Community! You know? That fucking awesome show on TV that is both terribly clever, funny and a proper smorgasbord of pop culture references (without being trite or self-indulgent)

Ah, got it. What’s wrong?

NBC (you know, the ones who killed your childhood by having ALF arrested on the last episode…buncha cockholsters) are taking a queue from Fox and axing a GOOD show for no good reason. I do mean this. A critically acclaimed show getting the axe… is it because Community once mentioned Joss Whedon? Is the Joss Whedon Curse (TM) still intact? 

Oh noes! I don’t want my TV to show more ruddy reality shows or dancing with Gila monsters who had botox operations. What do I do?

For the cost of typing your email (i.e. registering) or just connecting via Facebook, you too can save the show. You don’t need to send nuts (like the fans of Jericho did) nor need to record a charity single (hey, hi 1980’s Doctor Who).

Just click here and voilà! You’ve helped! Here’s a cool gif:

No, really, do help it. It’s an awesome show and we should defend well-written entertainment, not something that will pay for Simon Cowell‘s new left incisive.

By the way, here’s a shitload of animated gifs from my fave episode. You’re welcome.

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