Fighting Kites / Broken Shoulder – Split EP

Split EP is a totally instrumental EP, it lets the listeners create their own ideas about the songs. I’ll write about it as the kind of music that can be felt differently depending on the state of mind or on your mood. You can find a union of sounds, patterns and cycles within this Split EP but united to those small variations or changes in the very same sounds and that is the factor making us give birth to any sort of feeling while listening.

The EP is divided, I guess that’s why it is called Split. The first part is for Fighting Kites and in a word it’s : bright and cheerful. The other side is for Broken Shoulder and it’s a little bit more depressive or dark. Nevertheless, both parts of Split EP are excellent.

The constant feature or characteristic in the Fighting Kites‘ songs is the fresh beat and the happy mood. You can smell happiness around, surrounding you, filling the environment. The beat is constant as well as the riffs but with those almost undetectable changes that finish in tranquillity, serenity and calm; a feeling of fulfilment.

I’ll make emphasis in a particular song, being this my favorite: ‘FR’. This is like the soundtrack of life, the beginning is a little bit sad but then it changes into chaos, next the song is showing more action (in a figurative sense) just to end in fullness and the blooming of happiness, the riffs on this song make this cyclical, infinite, in a way of iteration but with the main objective to reach the climax, so after that very joyful climax we return again to the tranquillity and the fullness again, as is you are one with Nature and everything.

The riffs and drums in this part of the EP are fast paced but in different beat each one, generating a great combination to show eager, to show conscious. It’s like each song is connected to the other, making a huge spiral or a huge endless stair so everything is joy and merry.

On the other hand, Broken Shoulder‘s part is more depressive, also showing calm but not a good calm, as if you were fine and at ease, but the calm that appears when you are doubtful. You may say that some of the perceived feelings is the angst or the looking for something different, ending in despair and complete chaos or explosion of the senses; and again, endless sounds and loops creating the atmosphere. Even if this is present in all the Broken Shoulder’s songs in the EP, this is specially found in the song ‘Exciting times’.

Then ‘Organomegaly’ shows us anxiety, doubt, excitement about the unknown, all these growing into answers,growing into paths to follow; in addition to new but similar sounds in the same song. It is making the atmosphere changing the mood; it gives us a complete Big bang, a Xibalbá explosion as the Mayans said.

I heard ‘Shark Island’ and this made me think of coming to terms with our life, of some relief. We haven’t performed or done good or bad in life, but you are sure whether you did or didn’t, that all this will bring you the corresponding rewards, nothing is good or bad just depends on the perspectives and positions.

In the end, both parts of  Split EP include or create a joyful situation, a position in which we can be fine, feel good about our made decisions and about the ones we didn’t achieved but that we tried; because the results are satisfactory in either way, if you know how to understand and interpret them.

Words: LaLaUsagi

Editor’s note: We’ve previously reviewed Broken Shoulder.

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