From the desktop – 2

Ahoy & voy, here’s a few news we’ve gathered and nicked for you:

-Local Sheffield promoters X-Ray Horse will be hosting this 10th of November at The Harley a night of great music with The Twelve, a DJ duo from Brazil that has kudos everywhere. They are offering a couple of free tickets at their Facebook page. All you gotta do is go to the event page and say in 12 words why you deserve the tickets.

The Kinks will be re-releasing not one nor 2 nor 5 but 10 discs on their original mono mix. It includes all albums, EPs and collections (no hen houses, though). There’s also a cool book included but the selling point for Kinks fans are the b-sides. Here’s a reminder of why they are an institution:

Elvis Costello will be touring the United Kingdom in May 2012 (with a limited edition DVD and boxset to peddle, natch). In the ultimate audience participation thingy, there will be a wheel to spin (by the audience) and setlists will be decided with this. Think of it as the wheel you spin in The Price is Right, but with less cooking appliances and more rock. This is almost as cool as what Beastie Boys did with their audiences and videocameras. No wonder they are good friends (they performed ‘Radio radio’ together in Saturday Night Live).

-In the karmic side of things, Megadeth‘s new album, Thirte3n is outselling Loutallica‘s Lulu. Take that, Lars, ya prick. Go Mustaine!

-And because we don’t want to end this section with that nasty quip (well deserved, though, Some kind of monster makes Lars look like a spoiled brat), here’s some very nice music. CLICK to listen. Trust us. Firesuite rules. Or if you cba, here’s the widget:

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