Club60 singles launch

“It seems you need a fucking degree in computers to make music these days” – A wino in the men’s room.

The launch of Club60‘s singles club felt like a double celebration: the re-opening of Shakespeare‘s and the launch of a local label that pursues the creation of music through analogue media.

After the launch of the Club60 radio podcast, it was time for the first of seven acts to put some music to the evening that taunted the public with a spot of drizzle. The four bands featured in the single played inside, in the recently renovated, cosy room and three acoustic (well, almost) support bands played outside, in a small garage draped with fairy lights.

The discipline was to have the audience shift between stages, so it was a bit of a small-sized festival (and possibly a good cardio training). Acoustic duties on the garage stage were done by Unsung National Heroes (slightly jazz, pretty entertaining), Ed Cosens (acoustic with some loops) and Jody Wildgoose (acoustic and loops). They were all a good change of pace from the mostly electric sets being played inside.

ObLONG‘s set starts with a very mantra-like recording that drones while everyone slowly takes their position on the stage. Single ‘In remission’ is quite the punch, but the real heavy hits are ‘The Knife’ and ‘You should be mine’. It’s always a show that delivers both in emotions and musical prowess. It also helps that all four instruments are tuned together, packing a hell of a wallop.

Black Cat White Cat is always an intense band. Not only due to lead singer Angela Basson‘s stage presence (and awesome Dorothy-from-Wizard-of-Oz red slippers) but also to the blues based rock and roll that accompanies. ‘Daddy bap bap’ is a corker of an opener (with all that scatting) and although ‘River’ is my fave, ‘Fridge’ is a great number live (it’s also their contribution to the single).

Michael Eden‘s show is slighty surreal. It’s hard to tag any genre to his music. There’s moments when there’s some cool guitar work in the style of Michael Brook. Then there’s some jazzy elements to it. Add to that his great vocal work and you have a mesmerising set by the man responsible of the physical appearance of this special single. ‘Doors’ is a pretty enigmatic song and it’s a good choice for the single.

With only two song to play, The Don Genes closed the night. A sort of supergroup made up from most of Michael Eden‘s musicians playing with some of the musicians that played in the garage. With lead vocals done by Johnny Dean, their sound was a slow, smouldering groove with some shoegaze thrown in (very slightly, though). It was over faster than you could grasp the their concept, a project that is on its early, strong footed stages.

Pretty entertaining night with a nifty single available to buy. Let’s hope this singles club does well, it’ll be interesting to have a new label in Sheffield. The single (packaging and sound) are beautiful too.

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Pisspoor photos and purple prose by: Sam.


Club 60 Website. Twitter.

Michael Eden WebsiteMyspace. Soundcloud.

Black Cat White Cat MyspaceReverbnationFacebookTwitter.

obLONG MyspaceTwitter.  Facebook.  ReverbnationSpotifySoundcloud.

Unsung national heroes Soundcloud. Facebook.

Jody Wildgoose. Myspace.

Ed Cosens Myspace. Twitter.


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