Three shades of noise

The Loud – Harris Shutter

Stream – ‘Avida Dollars’

This is all about music with texture and contents, like the voices of the past that somehow decided to live in our subconscious. These sounds come from a city that has been the crib to many famous bands; however, there’s more to life than that, and here we have a proof of why turning your head and ears to Liverpudlian music really pays off.

This kind of echo haunts every cell in your ears and really sinks into your body, making it move to retro sounds full of reverb and a rather colorful, straight-forward and rough voice, like the one that would convey confidence and trust, a perfect wake-up call to cause controversy with every new thought issued.

This is The Loud, a band introducing their EP Harris Shutter which includes six tracks with various textures and rhythms, but staying right at the periphery of the 60s & 70s soul and mood.

Even when I’m under the impression that vintage is the new fashion, this is not a standard retro, since there are elements (esp. the guitar effects chosen) that will remind you of this contemporaneous stage, like the present running on a past of collages made of Diana pics.

This is a musical chiaroscuro that perfectly portrays the mood, ideals, expectations, and dissatisfied aura of the musicians involved, where light becomes the reverberated sentences of guitar and vocals, while gray and black shades are courtesy of the genius and outstanding bass (somewhat reverberated too), and drums.

A very important thing to recall is the way this album unfolds as the first track, ‘Amy’s gonna get you’ (the EP’s single that we actually had the pleasure to review previously), becomes a lesson of controlled stamina that provides this ascending feeling to your body, and it really makes you feel like dancing.

In the other hand, there’s the closing tune, ‘Magic’. While the first track is a direct invitation to wake up and get ready for the party, the last track displays extremely reverberated vocals, and automatically pulls to my head the image of an almost empty ball room, or an empty place with haunting echoes coming from the walls, narrating the past splendor of the place, its ghosts and memories. This is the nostalgia that an abandoned place full of (personal or collective) history can sonically give to your senses.

In addition, every track is a music ebb and flow, but the final scale-up would never reach the same tone as the initial motif. It’s a logical game and lessons of flat and sharp notes, like the addition and subtraction in fractional equations we all hated in high school but this time, it’s right at the service of your auditory pleasure, all set to cause reverberated dreams and motion to every listener.

Tracks like ‘Avida Dollars’ and ‘A little taste of home’ would be the perfect example of loosening the rational and merging with passions and present tense. These are the tracks when you may feel like giving up your mental fortress, and replace brains with heart and soul.

These are lessons of going beyond, a perfect balance between passion and logic, a light hidden by tree branches while you are on your way to your favorite destination and loved ones. This is the soundtrack of that sunny summer day that will be marked in your calendar, the one you’ll never forget.

Words: Tonan


The Loud Website. Facebook. Myspace. Bandcamp.

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