Spirits reached by artificial machinery

Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

Stream – ‘Wasp’

Armed with a voice that could be included in the catalogue of dreamy female tones and a dedicated, thorough quest for better sounds and mixes, the Scottish band Conquering Animal Sound comes with their album  Kammerspiel, and they really chose this name well.
An intimate play choosing samples, infinite loops, sounds of crystal, wind, water, and whatever is good and that can give a good rhythm to the idea. It’s just a way to show that everything is not written yet.

These are the type of albums that make you feel like floating, as senses are stimulated one by one with new inclusions of small but significant details. We have harps, guitars, tender bass lines, sounds with rare sources, and inorganic percussions.

‘Kammerspiel’ includes 11 pieces that pass as fast as a rain drop, and talking about rain, it was perfect to make this rainy morning more bearable to me, as it provided an otherworldly feeling when this earth is far too painful to take as it is.

This is how sometimes the spirit is reached by artificial machinery, like constant particles of sound, textures and memories running in a second. I got sometimes the sounds of my childhood toys and games, the moments where every corner was full of mystery, combined with the desire of knowing more and more about a little room.

‘Maschine’ is the opening track and discretely plans to get your attention with little and harmonious bell sounds followed by looped voices, as a good introductory note to a hilly landscape with strong winds, and the sun tangled into grey clouds. It’s not nostalgia, it’s just about taking advantage of the moment.

There are also songs that would remind of the beauty of little things and details, like the magic implied in a winter sunset, snow, or a windy afternoon by yourself, just making a moment last forever, closing your eyes to the unknown within and discover a new word, feeling, or experiencing that tickling feeling in your chest and going up to your eyes, converting one heartbeat into one teardrop. That was what ‘Wasp’ meant to me.
Every track is a blanket that slowly unfolds, where you agree being wrapped and feeling warm, a nice surrender, then wind down. It’s not just forgetting about the real atmosphere outside your earplugs, but a mystification of what you see.

The contrast of a revolution involving machinery and vapor comes forth after the organic experience, and expresses an arduous gait, as an invention under a testing process. That’s ‘Wildthings’, the third track.

Rain drops and rays of light intertwined to ‘Flinch’, the fourth track of this crystal vessel, where chorded instruments are predominant in dissonances identified as warm-up exercises of an orchestra, then broken crystal, maybe bells, and the floating female voice that’d freeze our beings if heard live.

As galaxies unfold their secrets, this album does as well. The parallel universe offers a beautiful humming, images planted in our minds like the stories we were told to sleep when we were just kids, like the image of a girl in a river, a chase, a dream of solid colors and cardboard characters (‘Giant’), a gloomy mood through the throat of sweet falsettos leading downwards the waterfall (‘Bear’).

The journey in mystery land continues with echoed songs, like the feeling of being half awake (‘Tracer’), then arriving to the blue and nostalgic part of the climax, taking its cold and earthly atmosphere through the song of an accordion (‘Neanderthal’).

We stop at an introduction with the sounds of a metronome, where the final track suggests the mind stayed in the dream, with echoes as the final trace of the common reality. There’s a sensation of going downwards again, all through high slopes made of a voice and all instruments matching the same note. Loops, organ voices that decided to remain in the quest, expectant of what’s next to find.

This album is definitely an excellent day starter: it’ll bring new, fresh and positive ideas to your mind. Sometimes reality may seem harsh and we seek for a hiding place in music, as if we could vanish to the rhythm of the notes. This is Conquering Animal Sound, helping you to melt with every melody of their creation, offering the fantastic world we’ve somewhat forgotten in the middle of the real, gray and painful world.

Words: Tonan.


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